Support my crusade against tech censorship, fraudulent reporting and suppression of the truth by enabling me to continue the fight with through a sustained stream of small financial donations.

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Bronze Tier

Gain access to all of my videos taken down by YouTube.

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Silver Tier

Gain access to EXCLUSIVE in-depth video reports exposing tech censorship and media collusion 2-3 times per week!

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Gold Tier

For less than the cost of a T-shirt, support my family through a financially desperate time allowing me to put hot food on the table and give my kids a happy life. My life goal is to be able to support my wonderful children without the sleepless nights and stressful evenings by myself at the kitchen table wondering how I'll be able to pay the bills and still have enough money left for food next week. Gold Tier subscriptions make the difference between my family keeping this warm, happy home and getting evicted.


  • Access to videos DELETED by YouTube!
  • Access to many EXCLUSIVE video exposés not allowed on YouTube!
  • In depth analysis of news items and cultural events!

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Monthly subscriptions to this service featuring weekly exclusive content not posted anywhere else -- as well as content silenced and banished from YouTube -- will go towards making rent on time, paying the water bill, and feeding my young family. Financial stability will allow me the time and availability to focus on and pursue my passion: reporting on news and current events.

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