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My strive to share my love for the "real robot" genre has spurred me on to producing digital art, webcomics, and on the rare occasion animatics. I produce both fan works and my own original ideas. Let me show you why "Real Mech is Love".
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  • As I work a full time job, I work on my art projects in my free time, my goal one day is to support myself with your help and make art fulltime!
  • you will see my fan works and orginal setting develope, and get unique updates of my long running projects.
  • Preview the concept art for characters and events for my webcomics! See the various mech ideas that swirl in my head! Watch the demo vids of my animatics!

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Thankyou for becoming a subscriber! As a reward here is the demo vid for my battletech fan animat...

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Here are my other links
(i post here with new art, but lacks the organization of my deviantart)
(this is a great way to view my art as i have my art organized into galleries)
(here you can request commissioned art pieces, or just give me one time payments if your not yet interested in a monthly subsciption here)
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