Leaked Chinese Invasion Recording--Adding To Report By Mike Adams & J.R. Nyquist

On the cancellation of the Nuclear Tomahawk:  Mike was right that this vital weapon has been defunded; due to a news blackout it has been hard to prove. Here is more info that Biden is cancelling this necessary weapon system able to destroy whole enemy fleets as they attempt to invade.  The nuclear Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM-N) is the whole reason Russia was threatened when a US Arleigh Burke-class destroyer entered the Black Sea.  It is also the reason for Russia's concern about western "defensive" missile batteries on Ukrainian soil. Those batteries would be "Aegis Ashore" which, in addition to their powerful radar and anti-aircraft missiles, can also fire Harpoon anti-ship or Tomahawk missiles including TLAM-N from Mk41 vertical-launch cells.  Tomahawks based in Ukraine could deliver nuclear strikes to Moscow and Russia's strategic-deterrent ICBM silos in a matter of minutes.
The Chinese invasion plan in this report detailed the use of China's enormous fleet of merchant ships and maritime militia to deliver infantry and weapons to American shores.  Nyquist commented that "there aren't enough torpedoes and missiles to sink that many ships".  This is correct and this is why the Littoral Combat Ships of the US Navy are being scrapped by traitors within the US government. They excel in close combat against many small craft, even in swarming attacks.  Whereas Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are designed for air-defense, shore bombardment, and sinking large warships in deep water, LCS have many more small guided missiles custom-built for repelling invasion barges or fast torpedo boats. The VLS Hellfire missile, tested successfully against land targets just last week, costs 1/10th and weighs 1/15th as much as a Harpoon.  (Many more can be carried in the hold than the 24 missiles quoted in the linked article.  They can also be reloaded at sea, which has proven impractical with the heavy missiles of the Mk41 VLS).  LCS also carry the MQ-8 Firescout helicopter drone, another potent weapon against many smaller or unarmored craft.  This article calls the Firescout's laser-guided light rockets "the Navy's super-weapon" for their effectiveness over-the-horizon against multiple light targets. The ostensible reasons for scrapping the LCS fleet are propulsion problems (which can surely be fixed) and failures of the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) package towed sonar array. The ASW array is entirely separate from the fact that the landing deck and hangar of all LCS can accommodate the SH-60B anti-submarine helicopter, the US Navy's proven remedy for the numerous submarine threats fielded by Russia, China, and North Korea.  The LCS fleet is critical and must not be scrapped while invasion threats loom.

Nyquist also mentioned that the Chinese control the port of Ensenada, Mexico, and could use this facility to offload men and materiél. His statement is historically correct, but the situation at the present hour is far worse. Baja California Norte (BCN) is the Mexican state containing Ensenada and crime-ridden Tijuana.  BCN, along with the other five states bordering the USA and a few more down the Pacific coast, had been plotting secession from the Republic of Mexico until President AMLO's MORENA party secured the governorship last November.  Governor Marina del Pilar has invited the Mexican Army into BCN to deal with rampant crime and foreign infiltration. Tijuana and Ensenada are therefore improving. The secession effort, however, continues with the other states and has found an ally in Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. The intent is to have not one port or airstrip to land Chinese troops, but an expansive sovereign nation with many airports and seaports on both coasts. This nation would also be a buffer between the USA and Mexico, historic partners and neighbors. The United States, or even just Texas, could fight and win a world war today...with the agriculture, industry, and labor assistance of Mexico (where many US factories have relocated).  Separation of these key partners would be necessary for a globalist victory. The five other border states extend from the Gulf of California to the Gulf of Mexico and this real estate would be the beachhead of China's dreams!