Where's all the blacksmithing gone?!

I know, I know.  Got off on a bit of a tangent with all the talk of ropes, pulleys, knots and such, didn't I?

Never fear, my friends.  I'm a blacksmith first and foremost, so we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming now.

I'm passionate about the trade, but I'm equally passionate about history in general and the technology used by our ancestors.  Though I've studied the Ashley Book of Knots, I also saw how the knowledge contained within its covers could be directly applied to the blacksmithing I enjoy so much.... and wasn't.  Every time I watched a video of some smiths trying to manhandle a power hammer into place, I had to wonder why they didn't just rig up a few ropes and pulleys.  Seeing Will's video where he crashed his hammer because he didn't have any ropes at all.... well, that was a bridge too far, in my estimation, and I thought it was important that we start talking about the issue.

Tomorrow.... a new book review!