Updated Messenger is here!

Bulk messaging is one of a few important updates
Hurray! The long-awaited update to our Messenger is live now! 

Placed on its own page now, our updated Messenger has the following features added: 
  1. Filters. After a while, the messages feed could become somewhat convoluted and quite overwhelming to handle. Now you can set filters to see the only information you actually want to see: unread messages, muted/unmuted messages, or messages clusterized by the subscription tiers.
  2. Search. Before this update, it was a challenging task to communicate with your Subscribers when there are more than a dozen of them. Now you can find the Subscriber you want to chat with by using this search option.
  3. Bulk messaging. Whenever you want to deliver your message to a group of Subscribers (e.g., who belong to the same tier), you don't need to do it one by one anymore. Just click the "Send bulk messages" button, then mark the audience you want to deliver this message to, and hit "Send message" - this message will be instantly delivered to the feed of selected Subscribers. In the bulk message, you can use all the familiar formatting tools you got for Posts.

Furthermore, unlike with some other messengers out there, our Stars can instantly communicate with followers as well as with subscribers. Also, you can delete your own messages from the chat if you wish.

With these updates, our Messenger now has everything needed to clear the gap in communications between Stars and their Subscribers, with more features to come.