Rugby ATL's "Missile" - Jeremy Misailegalu

Jeremy “Missile” Misailegalu is an American rugby union player with Major League Rugby's Rugby ATL.  Like many U.S. born rugby players at the top level in 15s and 7s today, he crossed over from other sports long after becoming active in sporting activities as a youth.  

While in high school tryouts he impressed his coach who asked his name.  The poor coach, like many of us, had a difficult time pronouncing Jeremy's Samoan surname.  Since the coach described his pace on the field as launching like a rocket, the "missile" stuck as a nickname.

After crossing over Jeremy fond ways to rapidly improve his skills in rugby/  A high school wrestler and football player, he realized hew had a lot of ground to make up in rugby.  To that end, he has played at club level, gone overseas to New Zealand and is now in the professional game.  

A native of Washington state of Samoan heritage, the "Missile" may hit hard to the field and fly up the pitch, but his warm, friendly and infectious personality belie the toughness he brings to the game.

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