Updated Polls Functionality

Having in mind your requests, we delivered a home-brewed, freshly baked option of adding polls to the posts, effort-free.

Now you can:
  1. Add a poll to your posts without switching to Markup editing mode. No coding skills are required anymore!
  2. Set a date and a time after which the voting will be disabled. Now you can run your poll from the time you publish it until the manually set date and time.
  3. Choose to set your voting results to be calculated in Weight mode, based on the voter's tier price. Subscribers who paid more for the subscription may have a more "weighty" voice now.
  4. Create polls with multiple choices per voter. Now, instead of being limited by only one choice, the voter may express multiple opinions within one poll.

We will be adding more features and improve the user experience of this tool along the road. 
All comments and feature suggestions are welcome.

Yours truly,