Thinking outside the box 

One of the reasons I've never purchased a swage block is because they are covered with a bunch of shapes and holes that I just don't need. I thought about having one cut out from a plate of mild steel, but that's every bit as costly as buying a cast iron block, and I really don't have much need for one.  Most blacksmiths don't use 90% of their swage block's options so it seems like a lot of mass to have around collecting dust.

Kudos to Adriano Pasquino for coming up with a swage block design that gives folks the ability to make their own, getting exactly what they want and nothing they don't. With the bolt-together design, you can cut out the shapes you need right now and have plenty of room to add new holes in the future.  Plus, it's a good project to help broaden your metalworking skills!

A great video to watch, as well.  Adriano does a great job making a door handle!