I'm a Catlady, who loves to blog, photograph and make videos of my cats and the life that's happening around us.
We're in Austria, where I was born and I grew up learning German and English alongside each other thanks to my Mum. My husband is from Britain, so that came in handy for sure! 
The kitties are 17 year-old siblings Samantha (cat in chief here) and Sonic (can't hear, loves colourful flashy lights), 1 1/2 year-young siblings Lisa (high-speed cat) and Hero (3 legged boy, extremely intelligent, strong and climbs everything he wants). Check out more about them on the blog: About the Cats

My mind is full of ideas and content I want to create. I'm someone who loves to write, photograph and make videos of my cats and everything else. I love to document everything, because every moment of life is precious and it's my way of holding on to memories, as well as everything that's interesting. 

Most of my posts will be public, and they'll be published here and on my blog. I will also publish special content for supporters only, which will be more personal in general, in the form of blog posts, photos, videos and live streams.
WHY I DECIDED TO START SUBSCRIBER ONLY CONTENT - The future looks a bit uncertain for me, due to chronic pain, which has been getting worse for a long time. But there is still one thing I can do and love to do and that is blogging! I wanted to find ways to generate a little income and reach some level of financial security and independence for myself and the cats... And here I am!

Feel free to contact me any time for questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

Email: [email protected] (Protonmail)
Telegram: t.me/Catlady_Natascha

Catlady Life Blog: catladynatascha.com
Our Videos on YouTube: Catlady Natascha Channel
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