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Live streams, videos and blog posts about life with the cats and thoughts about current issues
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Catnip Support Fund
  • Special and more personal content with photos and videos from our cat-ruled little world
  • Live streams with the kitties and me, and streams from other places
  • The world around us, documented from our point of view
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General Catnip Support Fund
  • Everything from the first tier is included in this one, but the higher price is for added general support <3
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  • Public posts, some special subscriber content where I can talk about a lot more than I could in public
  • Cat content and everyday Catlady life in Austria from a British / Austrian point of view
  • Live streams, videos and blog posts about life with the cats and thoughts about current issues

Recent posts

Catlady Natascha
Public post
I'm a Catlady from Austria, who loves to write, especially now with so much going on in the world, I feel the need to connect even more so. My main content is public, but I am going to publish extra content for monthly supporters, especially content that I don't want to post publicly (like thoughts about current issues in our world and how it's all affecting us and everyone).

I'm writing about the cats, the ups and downs of life and I'm also going to write about the changes in our country and the world at large, from the viewpoint of a Catlady. These days you never know what will happen in a few weeks and writing about it helps me deal with it. Maybe others will find themselves in my writings and feel a bit less alone with their thoughts and feelings.

We live in Austria, where I was born. Besides my native language of German, I also started learning English at age 5, as my Mum thought it would be a good idea.
My husband Ralph is from the UK and even the cats only understand English, since it's the language we speak at home.

The kitties are 18 year-old Samantha (cat in chief here) ,2 1/2 year-young siblings Lisa (high-speed cat) and Hero (3 legged boy, extremely intelligent, strong and climbs everything he wants). Sonic, Samantha's brother, passed away on October 27, 2021. We're missing him terribly.

Check out more about them on our blog:

I'm also someone with chronic migraine, which I also mention in my posts.
Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any questions or thoughts.
Love, Natascha and the cats!

Another way to contact us is through Telegram (Messenger):
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