***Saint Kotar interview with Red Martyr Entertainment – Horror games, Kickstarter and plans for the future***

As some of you might still remember, I’m a huge fan of point-and-click and horror games. So I tend to keep my eyes open for game titles of that kind. Well, not so long ago I heard of a little indie game called “Saint Kotar” (which just happens to be a psychological horror point-and-click adventure game), and since I really like what I saw from the game I decided to reach out to Red Martyr Entertainment for an interview.

Long story short, Red Martyr accepted our interview request =) So I sat down with Red Martyr’s CEO (Marko Tominić) and talked about everything from “Saint Kotar“, “Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask“, horror games, Red Martyr’s Kickstarter campaign to their plans for the future.

 So, with that said, please enjoy our “Saint Kotar” interview with Red Martyr =)

***Saint Kotar interview with Red Martyr Entertainment***