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PEV Collective
PEV Collective
This is a non-profit I started to make riding my eBike mean more. The vision is to join forces with other Personal Electric Vehicle riders and do more than just meet up and ride together.

PEV Collective profile is under review.

PLEASE, BE AWARE: due to an extremely high volume of recently submitted profiles, the approval will take longer than usual. After this page is approved, you will be able to subscribe as usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


  • Every month we support a different charity and half your subscription every month goes directly to the charity.
  • The rest goes towards things like procuring swag that we sell (whose proceeds also go to charity)
  • And we also like to help our content creators out by providing them with different forms of caffeine (coffee and energy drinks) so that they can stay up late to provide premium content

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