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Hi! We are a family of youtubers. We do arcade videos, as well as Alabama videos and I am vlogging my weight loss goals on my page! Thank you for your support which will help us do more for our channel!
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Claw Machine Level

Be entered into a drawing every 6 months for a prize tbd. Sometimes maybe a collection of items received in monthly boxes and sometimes maybe a box of arcade win items may be gift cards!

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per month
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Mystery Box Level

Entry into quarterly give away! Could be mystery boxes and could be gift cards! Plus all lower levels!

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per month
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Golden Ticket Level

This level will be entered into a monthly drawing for prizes or gift cards! All lower level entries and benefits included as well!

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  • Access to Discord server and q&a opportunities!

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  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
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  • You can cancel this subscription at any time.
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