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Who couldn't use some GREAT NEWS right? No, let me be clear THIS NEWS COULD CHANGE! I do not believe it will, but it is one of those things that is out their in the realm of possibilities, although unlikely!

Hong Kong University, which is having a high impact currently with Omicron. This would be MUCH easier if I could figure out how to do videos or even audio, but I am going to continue to keep learning about how to elevate this platform so I can offer more than just reading about this info.

Out of the UK, mainly in London, half the admissions of Omicron were admitted for SOMETHING UNRELATED! However, due to Omicron, they are testing everyone and therefore, a % of these admitted people have been positive for Covid ( there is a high number of tests being sequenced to identify Delta vs Omicron there currently). Once they are diagnosed with Omicron, they are actually treated as a covid patient. This is what also is happening in S. Africa, except, S. Africa is very transparent about that. THEY are who discovered this variant, and while you may think just because it is Africa they are somehow lower on the totem pole of science, you would be mistaken. S. Africa has one of the most sophisticated survellience and detection systems in the world. Also, some of the worlds best scientists & they are not concerned about the severity of Omicron at all. What they are slightly concerned about is how infectious it is and therefore, you have the potential of having a LOT of people sick all at once.

So, once diagnosed in the hospital, even though they came in for something completely unrelated, they are treated as a covid patient. Can you see how this could create some major issues in regards to focus? Dr's HATE to focus on more than one problem, and what is going to happen is they are going to focus more on the Covid that is more than likely NOT actually causing any major issues, and then the actual reason the person came to the hospital will become the issue that may (or may not) get less attention. Crazy right?! They will obviously be moved to isolation rooms or just placed on isolation precautions if no isolation rooms are available ( there are only so many in a hospital that are true isolation rooms with negative pressure, etc..) and even possibly put on unnecessary medications as a precaution. That is not clear yet, the only thing for sure is the isolation due to protocol. However, you can see how this could go if I am correct in assuming some Docs may pay too much attention and put too much focus on the covid diagnosis. I just wanted to be clear on how this is going so far, because it really is not a true representation at once the media tells people this many people are in the hospital with Omicron, that is just not telling the whole story & used as a successful scare tactic. You best believe the U.S. will exaggerate even more!

Ok, so what's the great news? Well, Hong Kong University did the first real study on Omicron and even compared it in tissue samples with the Delta variant. Although, as a warned in my first post, Omicron is highly infectious, in fact, in infects AND replicates 70 X's faster than Delta which is just...WOW! Sounds bad right? Stay with me...I promised you great news!

This research took a pieces of human lung and bronchial tissue which, on a side note, is extremely impressive science that Hong Kong University created. It is called EX VITRO. Most studies are either done via computer analysis, IN VITRO (in a petri dish) or IN VIVO (in life - within the body) well this is a whole new level of science taking tissue from a live body (usually for necessary reasons) and using the petri dish to do the experiement/research. It is truly genius and the definition of cutting edge. It really is amazing. ANyway, so they took these real human lung and bronchial tissue samples & infected one with Delta and one with Omicron. Delta infiltrated the bronchial lining all the way to the actual lung tissue lining & eventually into the aveoli aka the small 'balloons' inside our lungs responsible for proper gas exchange ( O2 & C02). This was expected of course, but still important data.

Next, they took Omicron and it took to the bronchial tissue lining very fast, faster than Delta, which is why we know 100% it is much more infectious than Delta. However, IT DID NOT INFILTRATE THE LUNG TISSUE LINING!!!!!! It did not make it past the bronchial lining. In basic terms, this is bronchitis, when a virus digs in, replicates and causes a cough, after roughly 7 days the virus is done replicating and now you are left with the inflammation which is all bronchitis is, inflammation of the bronchi. Annoying as hell, but nothing severe. This can get very tough for chronic asthmatics or those with intrinsic asthma, which is basically when someone gets asthma symptoms due to triggers like weather, exercise/exertion, infections, and stress. Yes, stress is a HUGE factors we WILL be covering in depth because you NEED to understand how much it is impacting your health every single day!

Anyway, this truly is great news and I am not claiming this can't change. I am not claiming nobody can die from Omicron. I am not claiming ANYTHING AT ALL! I am merely sharing the FIRST proper science done on this variant and explaining that this science correlates with so many other scientists, including the S. African scientists who initially discovered this variant - Sikhulile Moyo, the laboratory director at the Botswana-Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership and a research associate with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, headed the team that identified the omicron variant.

Here is the update and the first research to come out:

Please keep an eye on your emails because now that the kinks are worked out, you will be getting quite a few in a row!

Sending you all love, health, gratitude & appreciation,


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Nurse Gone Natural
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Better Late Than Never!

Heeyyyy!!!! I am so sorry for the delay guys! I wanted to get this out WEEKS ago, but so many things blocked it from actually happening. No excuses, but circumstances. However, here we are and here we go!

Let me just say first of all THANK YOU to every single one of you that are with me here on my SS Newsletter. I have been attempting to find a way to stay connected to those who want to stay connected, educate, discuss, etc...but also do it in a way that is a fair exchange of energy. That is why you will see the tiers and the paid subscription options. Please read the descriptions & choose whatever is best for you! Either way, you will get regular quality content. The goal is to post weekly, however, I can't post weekly for every single tier, that would be insane lol. Obviously the tier that covers covid is going to be a hot one right now due to my specific specialty with Virology & people wanting the breakdown and info from me. I am extremely honored to be a trusted source of information for people, and I promise to never take that for granted. To be CRYSTAL CLEAR though, that does not mean that I do not have my own opinions, views, beliefs, etc...I absolutely do! This is why my Newslewtter can't (and I just also do not want it to be) written like an academic paper (ewww). There will be references and sources when available. It is important for people to understand that many many of us out here have gained a lot of knowledge & real world experience over the years that we can't give you a source to. This is when the responsibility is on you, and I say that in a very loving and kind guidance type of tone. My recent Facebook post is the perfect example of this. Are there sources out there regarding what I said? You better believe it! Decades old & from a variety of sources all over the world that have told us this, hence why it is TRUSTED science. I have also worked with, been educated by and spoken to experts who have confirmed what I wrote. How can I possibly source that? As I encouraged some very disagreeing fols on IG, all you have to do is take some time to look into it & I am always happy to give some guidance on how to do that which is an entirely different subject we WILL be covering here to do some basic quality research and discern for yourself what you feel is the best path for you. Some believe there is only one truth to this kind of information. Nope! That is why there is so much healthy debate in the world of science, even non-medical science. As it should be!

So, lets get to the good stuff!

let me just say that now that we have a new variant, there is new info coming out literally multiple times a day. Of course, it comes along right as I am trying to get this Newsletter started lol. So, you may read something here one day and it could very well be different in my next update. So, understand that a lot of the recent info will be in real world time. I will do my best to guide you through the mess.

I do want to touch on a few things right now about Omicron first...

  • It is more than likely going to be more infectious than any other variant thus far. That does NOT mean it is more severe. In fact, history has shown us, the more infectious a virus is, the less severe it is. Another word for severe in virology is virulent. I want you guys to understand some of these terms because it actually is important if your goal is to gain some long-lasting learning.

VIRULENCE - the severity or harmfulness of a disease or poison

It doesn't seem that lucky would be the proper term to use, but I can promise you, humanity has been lucky when it comes to this mess. Even when things were at their worst, the truth is, the virulence was never extreme compared to so may other ways this could have gone. Just look at SARS & MERS, both HIGHLY virulent coronaviruses.

  • Omicron is a wildfire that cannot will not be stopped or slowed. It is just too dang infectious. Again, not a bad thing. I also want to point out that so far they are saying the incubation period is most likely shorter. Whereas we have gone from starting with an up to 14 day incubation period, to a 7-10 day, to a 3-5 day. THIS IS ALL A GOOD SIGN! Influenza is 24-72 hours depending on the strain. It is another sign that we are adapting well and it is adapting to us. The one and only goal of a virus is SURVIVAL! If it kills the host, it will not survive. It wants to adapt and coronaviruses adapat very rapidly due to their rapid rate of mutation.

  • As of about 5 hours ago, there were 336 cases in the UK & ZERO hospitalizations due to Omicron variant currently. ZERO! Yes, that will change, but it speaks volumes.

  • Keep in mind that we know that case # is much higher because it spreads fast and that’s only the folks that have been actually tested. It does not represent those who are sick and have not been tested and does not account for false negatives. Furthermore, PCR is roughly 30-40% effective with a new variant. I believe it was about 60-70% with the original and that is me being generous. I believe PCR is only truly reliable if you are symptomatic and +. That is my opinion for all PCR tests we have and use regularly. Moreover, I am not a huge fan of relying on them heavily, though I don't think they are as horrible as everyone makes them out to be. They just should not be a concrete diagnosis tool. They were not meant to be. They were meant to complement a full assessment. Symptomology is always key, but it is a lost art these days.

  • Omicron is going to spread fast...I have said this above, but I want to make it very clear to you because I don't want you caught off guard if you do follow any media. Yes, cases are going to be booming! That is NOT what you need to watch though. Seriously I am asking you to COMPLETELY IGNORE CASES in the US or wherever you are reading this from! Sounds crazy right? It isn't I promise! This is a fast moving virus and we are seeing very good trends in regards to severity. Although that COULD change, it is unlikely too since it is new, it should be more virulent right now, not later. If you have followed any of my posts about virology, or taken a previous class, then you know that the MORE a virus interacts with the human immune system, the more is adapts to it and the very opposite of that is also true. The more that we, the human population, interact with the virus, OUR immune system adapts to it. Which comes first? I have no idea! However, I prefer to agree with some of my favorite teachings of virology and that is that it is a little of both, the balance of both, the commonality of survival being all that matters to both our biology & viruses. It is nature's balance and rather than working with her, greed & power decides to attempt to outsmart her. It never works. Just sayin!

  • What you can keep an eye on, which is very different than every single day watching all the news outlets & reading everything you can on it, is prevalence in your area. If prevalence is low, you can gauge risk for exposure. If prevalence is high, you are obviously at more risk for exposure & should take better precautions if you feel that this best for you.

  • My prediction is that Omicron will more than likely hit the elderly and truly immunocompromised the hardest. Children do not fit into that category unless they are on chemo, disabled and can't move freely, etc...Obviously there are truly immunocompromised children out there, it is just not the majority of the children that will come into contact with this variant. Some can argue, and I would agree to a point, that due to diet and lifestyle factors, most are immunocompromised on some level. However, when it comes to acute illness, the average child that may not have the best diet, is not truly immunocompromised. It is more of a lack of quick and efficient immune response, but they do not actually deal with infections on a level of a truly, by definition, compromised immune system. We will speak more on that in later updates too.

The next delivery will be Friday with my must haves on hand, and a few other topics. I will be integrating video and audio as soon as I figure out how to do I think that will make it a lot easier for the longer posts.

In love, truth & health,


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