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NPC Daily is a satire site parodying the far liberal left.
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NPC Daily

Want to support NPC Daily?

Of course you do. Why? Because NPC Daily is the fastest growing conservative satire site on the internet.

Your support will help our predictive capabilities - like when we posted the infamous "it's never too late to have an abortion" 9 month pregnant meme back in November 2018 only for it to become completely legal in New York in January 2019.

Your support will help making millions of people think that Disney is actually making a bisexual Woody for Toy Story 4 or a lesbian Elsa for Frozen 2 because that's how close to reality we are as a society. 

Your support will bring us closer to being able to remove those annoying Google ads that are plastered all over our beautiful site. We dream of a day that our golden egg of a site will be clean, fast and free of cheapskate ads cluttering up your mobile feed. Gross.

Your support will help bring you more original content more frequently. We dream of a day when we'll be able to have new content in every post as opposed to recycling old stuff in order to "show the new followers the old content" or whatever excuse we use that day.

Your support will help us reach out to bigger entities so we can slap our NPC logo all over everything so their unwitting followers know about the good graces of NPC Daily content.

Didn't want to support NPC Daily before? You do now. Thank you in advance!

Subscription Tiers

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Every little bit counts. Your contribution will always go a long way in helping propagate NPC Daily and keep the content coming.

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Literally Shaking

Basic NPCs help NPC Daily with exposure and advertising. It's the lowest form but every contribution counts. If you are a Basic NPC and you helped NPC Daily get even a couple new likes or followers, you can sleep well at night knowing you fought the good fight.

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Stunning NPCs help NPC Daily with exposure and advertising more than Basic NPCs. Being a Stunning NPC shows that you care about diversity and know priorities when you see them.

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You're great! We need more people in the world like you. It's people like you that drive progress and innovation. You're a Brave NPC and the only thing you're missing is the hat to go with it (might be available at some point in the future, who know?). You'll be helping GREATLY with advertising and exposure.

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Stunning and Brave

You've realized that in the age of deplatforming, demonetization and censorship, everything helps. People like you are what's keeping NPC Daily alive.

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The Absolute Best

Because of people like you, NPC Daily will be alive forever!!!

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  • We want to give you as much NPC Daily content as possible, so we're not focusing on a tiered reward system. Instead, we're asking you to make a monthly pledge at a level that feels comfortable to you. You can pledge just $1 per month, or you can pledge more. Up to you! In the age of deplatforming, demonetization and censorship, every little bit helps.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Star's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Star by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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