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Neroke5 I produce video content, active and proud deplorable and when the you know what hits the fan, I won't be left trying to explain why I didn't do anything because I'm here doing something right now
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  • Hello there I just started this up as a reaction to what's happened to Sargon of Akkad
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This is the goal I need to meet my current expenses in my ongoing mission to engage in the culture war. This is the monthly costs that I need to cover
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Next Monthly goal this goal enables me to start buying and setting up new equipment
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At this level, I can start taking time off work and start getting to events
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1500/month is the target to get to where I can reduce myself down to part-time work
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At this monthly level I can pretty much work where I want, when I want however I want. In effect I can do this full time this is the goal

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