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Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast
Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast
I will be discussing socio-cultural issues facing the United States Republic, nationally, regionally and locally. Not being a constitutional scholar or attorney does not preclude the citizenry from the conversation...
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Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast

Tune in on Friday the 20th at 7pm CST to hear my conversation with Spike Cohen, former VP candida...

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Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast
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Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast
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Welcome to the Minnesota Black Robe Regiment Podcast!
I won't lie! I need your support! So many have asked me what they can do to help, here it is! Pick a tier and subscribe to help keep me moving forward after the assault on me these last two years! 
There is no such thing as a little support! Every level of support helps and if you have benefitted from or enjoyed my content for the last two years, this is the place to let me know!
Thank you so much in advance!
Sic Semper Tyrannis! 
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I lost a massive amount of income when my former employer, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office decided my views and my positions were not socially and culturally correct. If you have at benefitted from my content since April 25th of 2020 and know my story, I am asking you to help me on a monthly basis so I can keep paying my bills and putting out content.

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