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Personal Trainer focused on Assthetics. Which symbolizes achieving my dream physique of having a small waist, big legs and glutes, being strong, and having the mindset that allows me to effortlessly go after those things that I want.
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  • No Workout Longer than 33 minutes. Includes fun, fast, effective workouts (No extra cardio needed!) -Access to ALL butt glutes and legs training videos and guides. -WORK OUT ANYWHERE Work out at home or at the gym (or even on the road) with our flexible program! This program is a total excuse buster!
  • General Assthethics Nutrition Plan
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Personal Trainer
  • 2 monthly One on One Live Video Training Sessions, discussions and Personal video chats.
  • ACCESS TO OVER 150 VIDEO and GUIDES -Custom changing meal plans. Never count a calorie again Your recipe for success…starts with our meal plans.
  • Customize to fit YOU Every woman is different flexibility built into your fitness and nutrition program, in order to fit your schedule and stick to it!

Enjoy seeing fast results

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Advance Personally Trainer

-INCLUDES PREVIOUS TIER REWARDS -4 monthly Live VIDEO SESSIONS -Access to My Personal Skype for Q&A's, ask away we won't care the more questions the better. -Receive 2 random items from our shop every month

-LIMITED to (10 members per month)

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  • Assthetics Training - Exclusive Videos and Training Workout Programs to Obtain your Dream Physique of having a small waist, big legs and a sexy Big Butt.
  • Train from HOME or at the GYM. We teach you the best gym and homeworkouts and exercises. I teach many different techniques as well as advanced methods. 2-5 Minibeast Apparel giveaways Each month
  • Nutrition plans - Also help you understand nutrition so you can even create your own meal plan as some of our members have done. See results within 30 Days!!!!!!!!!

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