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I've been targeted with censorship by big tech for reporting Real News! Support my efforts as I tour America to give honest coverage of the 2020 election. Together we can fight the mental disorder that is Liberalism. It's okay to be a capitalist!
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Millennial Millie
Subscribe to see my new 4th of July photoshoot! 

i'll be doing fun creatively themed videos and photo shoots that only my subscribers will have special access to. 
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Millennial Millie
You are the tip of the tip of the spear

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Campaign season for the 2020 Presidential election has kicked off! Are the Democrats being honest about their polls or crowd sizes? Are Trump supporters really how the mainstream media describes? Help fund our campaign coverage of both the Democrat and Republican presidential front runners so that Americans can get election coverage from a more reliable source than the lying fake news media. We have financed a tour bus so that we can go to political rally's & protests, continue our "Fly Over America" series, & travel with social media celebrities while documenting the 2020 Presidential Election. During the 2016 election my coverage of Hillary Clinton's speeches and Donald Trump's rallies made a direct impact in the election outcome. From documenting Hillary's ambulance in her motorcade, or catching her hacking and coughing starting the #hackingHillary trend, to showing the MSM was lying about Trump's crowds sizes while artificially inflating Hillary's crowd size. If you help fund our efforts this season we can catch so much more!

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