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Hello, my name is McFluffyStuff(Kris or Goliath also works)and we are a up and coming Twitch Streamer and YouTube Content Creator. We try our best to offer informational content for games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. ​​​
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Subscription Tiers

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This support level is for those who enjoy a specific content provided on stream.

You will gain access to the Suns ad Pats Discord group.(work in progress)

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This level of support shows you enjoy most of the content we provide and would like to show your appreciation.

You will gain access to the Subs and Pats Discord group(work in progress).

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Fluff Fanatic

This level of support shows that you really enjoy the content we are providing and like to hang out during streams just to chat.

You will gain access to the Subs and Pats Discord Group(work in progress)

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Fluffy Super Fan

This level of support is for the fan that watches the streams and subscribed to the YouTube channel. You enjoy the content and would like to get more involved with the streams.

You will gain access to the Subs and Pats Discord group(work in progress)

This tier also allows you access to game with us one night on stream. I choose the game. There will be some rules to follow

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Fluffy Mega Fan

This level of support really loves the streams, YouTube videos, and appreciate all the work we have been putting in.

You will get access to the Subs and Pats Discord group(work in progress)

This allows you one night a month to game with me on stream. You choose the game(I will have a list of games to choose from) There will be rules to follow

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The Fan

This level of support make you the FAN. The other fans are jelly of how big of a fan you are.

At this level you will gain access to the Subs and Pats Discord group(work in progress)

This support level allows you control of one of my stream. You become the producer for the night. You choose what we do and what time we do it(please try and select a normal streaming night if possible) You want us to play Overwatch? Done! You have a spicy deck on Hearthstone and you want me to grind it out for one night? Can do!



  • Anyone who signs up to support will get access to the Subs and Pats Discord. It is still a work in progress.
  • We are still trying to sort out what kind of rewards each for each supporter level.

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This goal will go towards a gaming pc. We are currently streaming, editing, and producing all of our content off a budget to mid-tier gaming laptop. It does get the job done for content like Magic Arena, Hearthstone, older games, ect. ect. I think we can offer more and do better if we had a desktop. I would like to try and expand the content on the channel by having a casual gaming night with fans. The laptop has a real hard time playing and streaming at the same time.


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