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Hello I'm Lux Brush. Your standard starving artist. I create art in many different forums, vector, 3D modeling, and some others. I mostly work in vector right now using Affinity Design.
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You get access to my art about three weeks early. Also, any suggestions you leave as comments on posts may get used for future drawings.

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Everything in the basic tier, and you can directly suggest and idea. If there a lot I'll make a poll for standard members of all of the suggestions.

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  • You'll get access to my art three weeks early and I may take any suggestions you leave for my next drawings idea.
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Lux Brush
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WIP: Jinx - OC

Thought I'd post this work in progress I'm working on with my OCs called Jinx. I'm trying out a new technique where I'm not using sketches and going straight to flat color, then shading. So, working with silhouettes then filling in details. I like how it's turning out so far.
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