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J. Daniel Sawyer
J. Daniel Sawyer
Boundary-crossing literary abominations to delight and alarm your every sensibility. Gripping sci-fi and mystery fiction in print and full-cast audio. Home of The Antithesis Progression, Suave Rob, Clarke Lantham, et.al.

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Charity Clothing Patronage

While it's true that you don't need fancy duds to write and record audio, even knockaround clothes wear out. This tier helps keep me in socks and shirts and other essentials. In return, you'll get a shout-out in the acknowledgments of every book, and on every podcast feedback show.

per month
Library Builder

Not only will you get the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of protecting my neighbors from a mad roving naked writer, and not only will you get the shout-outs in every book and on every feedback show, you'll also get a book or short story or audiobook every month. You'll get new releases before everyone else does, and the legacy re-releases between new releases will help you complete your collection.

per month
The Collector

At this level, I'll be able to afford new shoes too, which means I can walk down to the print shop and get you some special edition hardbacks. Four hardbacks per year, all yours, signed and numbered, yours to keep, each with an exclusive afterword where I discuss the inspiration and process of writing the story. If you're into collecting the mad ravings of a fully-clothed and well-shod lunatic, look no further.

And you'll get all the other stuff too.

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