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Painting Tutorials, Battle Reports, Sci-Fi Lore Videos, anything involving Miniature Wargaming!
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Imperial Citizen

You are loyal to the Emperor, while dabbling on occasion in the heretical. But your loyalty as not gone unnoticed as the local Inquisitor gives you a nod as he passes by, but is swift to remind you of your "pile of shame" collecting dust.

  • You have my eternal thanks for helping support your local Inquisitor
  • Shout out in my latest video upon joining, in proper Grim Dark fashion
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You are so loyal to the Emperor your efforts have landed you amongst the ranks of the fearsome Inquisition. You are probably not a Heretic, so much so that your local Inquisitor tips his hat as he passes by while speaking highly of you to other members of his Order.

  • Unlock all previous tier rewards
  • Name at the end of EVERY video produced after joining
  • Community Polls / Feedback where you help decide the next project
  • Access to video content 72 hours prior to public release
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Your loyalty to your local Inquisitor and his Order is without question. You are certainly NOT a Heretic, but a loyal companion and fine addition to your Inquisitor's retinue. A connoisseur of the Grim Dark with a knack for purging those found wanting.

  • Unlock all previous tier rewards
  • A chance to win a miniature created by your's truly raffled off at the close of every project (not always a monthly event)
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  • Access to content prior to release.
  • Community Polls to decide which projects I do next.
  • The occasional raffle of a miniature made by me.

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Inquisitor Nero
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Greetings fellow Hobbyists, Acolytes, and Hunters of grey plastic! Wanted to do a quick "welcome everyone" post to let you all know that my hobby operation is finally up and running. Feels better than ordering an Exterminatus! Now with the formalities dispensed with, we can move on to the good stuff.

If you have taken a look a cursory look at any of my social media accounts you will know that part of the "first season" of videos will be centered around a heavily customized and converted Ordo Hereticus Warband. It's fun super fun building these lads and I can't wait to share what I've learned throughout the process with everyone.

I might also release some Fallen Dark Angels or "Chaos" Sisters of Battle conversion and painting tutorials along side the Ordo Hereticus content just to keep things interesting. Regardless, if you are subscribed here you will be the first to see everything (a perk of being an Agent of the Holy Inquisition)!

I'll end it here for now and resume my work on the first set of videos. Thanks for subscribing and following my hobby heresy filled content!
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Worrying about hobby supplies, camera and editing equipment is now but a fading memory. One step closer to being able to "slay the grey" and wage war with miniature soldiers full time. No heretics among you loyal supporters! Nothing but love from this Witch Hunter. Should we reach this I will try and organize some sort of giveaway. Let's see how we do acolytes!
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Dreams do come true with faith in the Emperor and loyal acolytes such as yourselves! You have giving me the ability to turn the thing I love in a career. This deserves a special celebration for achieving this milestone. Let's make it happen. ONWARD TO GLORY!

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