Kethryllia: "Well my parents are wonderful, and they're doing all they can within the laws of the gods to help those in need, you know, without breaking them. And they're amazing at helping others within their bounds, they've helped so many people, especuslly when they cry out and pray to them. But... They're very powerful demigods, trust me when I say this: don't do terrible things, don't try and destroy what they fought so hard to save, don't hurt the innocent. Because... Well, you REALLY don't want to piss my parents off."
Artwork depicting an enraged Zephaniah and enraged Karith, inspired from "God of the Dead" theme from Hades. Karith's expression is also a nod to one of the characters that ended up being a bigger inspiration for her story than originally thought. Angering two gods they reign over nature, elements, dragons, and justice is a very bad idea...

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