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Independent music label from the UK, specializing in House, Trance and Techno music.
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Extinct Music
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A new track from Silver Blood. Sunburn takes us back to the 90's when the Supersaw ruled Trance!
Sunburn (Radio Edit).mp3
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Extinct Music
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Hi there!

Well, i'm new to SubscribeStar, so not sure how this works... Let's do the intro ;)

 I run a small, independent music label, focusing on House, Trance and Techno.
I started producing house music after getting a bit messy at a rave a few years back. I put a small collection of tracks together and i decided to start posting all of my past and future works here.

 I can also be found on BitChute over at: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/8wFcNSU0I9tj/ 
Please subscribe there and help my channel grow a little, it would be greatly appreciated :)

More to come soon, in the meantime, listen to the first track below!

Lifted (Trent Street's Acid Posse Mix).mp3
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