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Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft
Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft
Aviation Technologies and building your own aircraft
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Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft


I have a passion for aviation, aircraft, new engine technologies and everything related with that. That has been so my whole life.

My website (www.experimentalaircraft.info) enables me to share knowledge and experience with building and flying general aviation aircraft, experimental (homebuilt), and light sport aircraft. Included with new developments like electric and hybrid propulsion in aircraft.

Writing pages and developing new features on the site takes a lot of time researching, writing, programming, developing, testing and whatnot. For example: there is a small web application with aviation/pilot tools which is able run on mobile devices (and the rest too). You might enjoy that!

I hope to be able, with your help, that I can devote more time to expand this site even further and increase its value to all aviation enthusiasts.



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  • A resource for owners of the experimental, homebuilt class of aircraft and for pilots of other general aviation and recreational flying machines.
  • You will find a wealth of information about airplane construction and engine performance, pilot airmanship, VFR flight planning tips and other aviation aspects of interest for seasoned aviators or new pilots alike.
  • Have a look at: www.experimentalaircraft.info
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This goal will enable me to bring the site to the next server hardware and content level. The plan I have is to run my own private server instead of the 'shared hosting' solution I currently have. Shared hosting means that the website sits on a server which also runs many other websites with sometimes unpredictable performance, slowness or downtime. Expanding content wise: more in-depth pages on technical subjects like, for example, new engine or flight deck technologies. Electric flight is just one of them.

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