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I am planting and maintaining a 5 acre permaculture food forest in an area that has been stripped of topsoil. I am documenting my experience and giving tips on growing food, making compost, and other fun stuff at!
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Alright, I'm off to a good start. Well, a start that is. A start is a start, though, and here I am. Welcome to my page. Glad you found your way here. If you're interested in a greener, more fruitful world, you've come to the right place, my friend! I'm just over here toiling in the soil creating a permaculture food forest to help feed the world and reforest an area in need at the same time. Thing is, it takes a lot, and I mean A LOT of manual labor to work the land. Add to that the physical and mental stress of a 5 day workweek and you get a serious backlog of unfinished projects on the land. The thing is, right now, it's more important that I go to my job than get everything done that needs to get done on the land. My goal is to be able to source enough money to take some extra days off of my paying job and put that time and energy where it's more needed, creating healthy fruits and vegetables for my community. So if you've stayed with me this far, kudos to you!

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