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Dr Sergeant Nash
Dr Sergeant Nash
Former Marine, current physician. Will focus on creating content that will help people be better parents - spouses - teachers and take control of their own futures.
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The Economy is Real Bad Right Now Tier

No judgment, not everyone can get into half a million in debt to get into the top 5% of household incomes a decade later. Hopefully, my information will bless your situation and you can move up in support tiers later

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Entry Level Tier

A gallon of gasoline is 2 trips to the hospital where I spend more time than with my family

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Feels Good Tier

The power of your love is equivalent to two C4 energy drinks that I require daily to triage laboring mothers and apply bimanual pressure to cause uterine contractions

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Almost my hourly wage tier

I am feeling your love like how I felt the ashes from the burn pits in Afghanistan permeate my lungs back in 2012... oh God I hope I don't get lung cancer later

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Intro Consultation Tier

You have a simple medical question or funky mole you want me to look at (which will NOT constitute medical advice outside of the state of Ohio). Video requests will be more strongly considered at this level.

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More than friends Tier

I will read an email to create a >= 10 minute response video with research and sources to support. The more medical/psychological/parenting-related it is, the better the video will be.

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Weekly call tier

You want coaching on parenting, health, your supplements, diet, exercise, career path, or just proof-reading your personal statement to med school? Whatever it is, this tier buys you a weekly 10-minute call (as my schedule permits) on whatever you think would help you the most.

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  • I am about $958,000 in debt between med school debt, two mortgages (my mother and underemployed siblings live in one), and a cheap vehicle.
  • Until July 1, 2023 I will be working 50-80 hours/week for ~$15/hour
  • Your subscription will help incentivize me to spend my non-work, non-family time to answer your questions and give you useful information

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  • Access to Star's profile content.
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  • Means to reaching out to the Star directly via Instant Messenger.
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