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Herbalist, Writer, Healer, Warrior of LOVE. Select a tier to support my YouTube channel and get bonus videos from that tier that are only available here! Thank you so much. (YouTube does not monetize my channel so this really helps, y'all!)
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Gratitude Assignments

Get your gratitude assignments here! Do the work - I'm here to guide you and I'll be with you every step of the way.

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Healing Sessions

Get all the Gratitude assignments AND access to all my body and mind specific healing sessions. These are remote and work as guided meditative energy healing sessions dealing with specific issues. Just call one up when you need help in any particular area.

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Access to "Love to You" Videos

Get all the Gratitude assignments, Healing videos AND access to this ultimate healing and encouragement session for all aspects of life. Use whenever you need them.

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  • Videos and Assignments in Meditation and Gratitude. Tools to prepare for what is coming.

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Here is a blessing for you today. Today you will be blessed by the energy of the Sun. Every time you see sunlight or are touched by sunlight, remember that you are being blessed at that moment with energy, light, and truth. May God bless you with the healing powers of the sun today! I love you. Have a great day. 
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