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Audio-Visualization of our current Political Environment.My videos aim to provide clarity in an ever-changing information war.

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  • United We Stand. Divided We Fall. Please consider subscribing to our Patreon subscriptions. If just 40% of our YouTube subscribers sign up, we will begin our conquest of the digital information space. For just $1 each from our goal of 5,000 dedicated Digital Warrior Team Members amongst our 14,000 YouTube subscribers and beyond, we estimate that we will be able triple our content amount and frequency, increase its quality, our engagement with our fan and support base will increase substantially, we will fund marketing campaigns, and build a network of Patriots who would like to provide feedback, input, intelligence, as part of a team of like-minded individuals working toward a cause: To Save Souls of Humanity To Make Your Mark On History (the right side) To Be A Part of Paving A New Path Forward. We Are The News Now. That will never change back to the old hands. It is time for newly-formed citizen-minded news networks to rise. We intend to build bridges with other Patriot networks and collaborate. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming How Do You Want To Be Remembered? Join The Fight!

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