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STEP 1.b "Notice Of Lawful Objection" to a Justice of The Peace and Clerk to the Justice

After taking the Oath, you must inform the police and courts about your decision. Ask them why you should not switch your allegiance and break any presumed contract with the crown. This is a way to remove your consent and let them know you disagree with any presumed authority over you. However, you will still abide by the law and defend your rights. 
Please collect the contact details of the Chief Constable of Police and the Chief Crown Agent. The Crown Agent's job title could be Clerk to the Justice or Justice Clerk, but other titles like Head of Legal Operations may also be used. You may locate the Crown Agent at the primary Magistrate Court in your region of the United Kingdom. 
Within this notice, we reinforce our opposition to the unlawful actions of our government agencies and departments, in particular the local councils, which have no constitutional authority, the police, and the courts. Numerous departments might want us to generate revenue for the crown. We must never forget that any law or act that causes inequitable loss to some individuals is opposed to common law, undermines the Constitution, and is traitorous. 
People have been taught to obey government orders without questioning them for centuries. The legal system has changed over time, from common law to commercial law, Roman law, and the law of the sea. The law of the sea is often associated with piracy, where ship captains may order their crew to loot other vessels. Unfortunately, victims are often unable to stop them, and history has shown that bringing the aggressors to justice is unlikely.
Today, the legal system is known as "the establishment". It includes attorneys, judges, politicians, insurance underwriters, bankers, and others trained in complex legislative laws. Those in power use language and processes intentionally hidden from the general public to instil fear and obedience in those unaware. This has led to many people complying with illegal orders over the past two years, despite the harm caused to their communities. Some have even received medical procedures against their will due to coercion.
While some believe these orders are necessary for their or others' well-being, others are too afraid to speak out. However, Article 61 provides a means of peaceful resistance against this tyranny. More and more people are becoming aware of this knowledge, despite those in power wanting to keep it hidden. It is not only a constitutional obligation and royal command but also our responsibility as defenders of freedom to protect these rights for future generations. Parents should prioritise safeguarding their children from the threat of enslavement, as freedom is crucial.
We inform senior officers of our constitutional rights by sending them a notice of lawful objection, including their name, job title, and address. This information is relevant to all officers who must inform their colleagues. We have taken the Oath to the barons. We must disobey any illegal demands, particularly those made by people claiming to be crown agents. We present evidence of various acts of treason by successive administrations that cannot be disputed. We attach a photocopy of our signed and registered Oath and a recorded delivery receipt. Suppose an officer can refute our claim that Article 61 is in effect or any evidence of treason (impossible), we will accept that they have lawful authority. However, any future attempts to enforce unlawful acts, statutes, or orders will be considered harassment, coercion, and extortion, for which they will face consequences.
The purpose of a lawful objection is to inform authorities that we are aware of the law and our position within it, even before they make any demands on us. The aim is still the same - to notify and warn them that we know our rights and their limitations within their jurisdiction (which is commercial, not common law, and we cannot lawfully consent to their 'service'). We refer to agents and officers who work for companies with CRNs that we can research as "alleged". They have no more power over us than a local newsagent or business owner and are imposters posing as crown officials.
If we become aware of treason and fail to report it, we are committing 'misprision of treason'. Our templates aim to notify others so the recipient acknowledges being informed. We then hold evidence that they did not respond, which either tacitly agrees with our claims or gives them no rebuttal. If they do respond, we have proof of how they responded. Reporting treason is a duty we all share, and we are all equal under the law. Our notice processes lead to misprision of treason if necessary. If we take the responsibility seriously, we will naturally connect with our respective evidence over time.
When filling out important documents, make a photocopy and send it via recorded delivery. Witnesses are only fulfilling a legal requirement and are not liable for future actions you take. We are all personally responsible and culpable for our actions and omissions under the law! Signatures can be authorised remotely with permission. Use P.P. to sign on behalf of someone else and fill out the witness box accordingly.
I have completed the template below for your reference to provide a clear example. The complete notice and accompanying evidence can be downloaded from the red attachment at the end of this article. Once you have completed this stage, follow the standard procedures outlined in the templates series. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any point patrons by using the direct messaging system. Additionally, anyone can leave a comment at the bottom of the posts.


 To: Chief Inspector __Mark Jacobs_____ (doing business as Chief Inspector of Police for ___Manchester____ police station).

From: _Joe Bloggs_

Address: __123 House Street__


Served by recorded delivery.

Date: 06/04/23


Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent

Dear Chief Inspector _Mark Jacobs__,

I am writing to you on the understanding that you are the most senior acting police constable at ___Manchester____ police station.

I am therefore writing to you to put you on Notice of my standing in law, with the intent to prevent any future breach of the peace, either by _Manchester__ Police Constables or by debt enforcement agents of the Crown, or any interested third parties thereof.

Whereas I, _Joe Bloggs__, in 2023_ did swear an Oath of Allegiance to the Committee of the Barons who invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta on the 23 March 2001 (see exhibit A & B) and, that I, __Joe Bloggs__ declare to be standing entirely under English and Commonwealth Common law with a lawful excuse; to stand in defence of the realm against High Treason; and against those who may seek, or be seeking to extort/force unlawful gain from me at this time, or at any future time whilst Article 61 remains in effect, by attempting to coerce me into breaching the Common laws and customs of the land and my sworn Oath or Declaration of Allegiance.

Therefore, I am with this putting you, Chief Inspector _Mark Jacobs__ on full Notice of my standing under the truth in law to prevent a future breach of the peace or crime from occurring.

I, therefore, need to know, in written form by the return of post, where you have a lawful obligation and duty of care as a public servant to respond promptly and in good faith to this Notice with any objection to my lawful standing whatsoever you may have. And if you do have any objection, then provide, in substance, precisely what your objection(s) may be.

Please be aware that the 1215 Magna Carta Article 61 thereof has not been publicly revoked by the Committee of the Barons since its invocation; therefore, its evident invocation on said date still stands in effect to this very day, and that if Magna Carta itself had been repealed (which is the standard government lie and rhetoric) as the diverse traitors within Westminster do state, the then over-thrown (by treasonous means) and or deposed (by entirely legitimate Constitutional law means in 2001) "Queen" Elizabeth II, would not have responded to the barons' petition served on her on 7th day of February 2001, at noon (see exhibit B). Also, if the 1215 Magna Carta had been indeed repealed, then we would not have celebrated Magna Carta's 800th anniversary on 15 June 2015; in its commemoration, coins were minted in the same year; Elizabeth II also referred to Magna Carta 1215 in 2015, in writing to the Australian people's, stating that;

"The story of the British monarchy is intertwined with that of Runnymede and Magna Carta. The values of Magna Carta are not just important to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, but across the world. Its principles are significant and enduring."

(Valentine Low. "Picnic by the river marks Magna Carta's 800 years of equality and the rule of law" The Times. (2015), late ed., F1+. Print.)

It can also clearly be seen that a response to the Barons' petition did occur on the 39th day of the 40 days that were provided by law for a reply to be received and that it left the Barons' Committee no choice under English and Commonwealth law but to invoke Article 61 as they did so on said date.

The Reply:

"I am commanded by The Queen to reply to your letter of 23 March and the accompanying petition to Her Majesty about the Treaty of Nice. The Queen continues to give this issue her closest attention. She is well aware of the strength of feeling which European Treaties, such as the Treaty of Nice, cause. As a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty is advised by her Government, who support this Treaty. As I am sure you know, the Treaty of Nice cannot enter force until it has been ratified by all Member States and in the United Kingdom, this entails the necessary legislation being passed by Parliament." – (Sir Robin Janvrin, Private Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen);

Moreover, we did not celebrate the 1297 statute version of the Magna Carta in 1997. Hence, a little common sense is required to disprove the propaganda espoused by the successive, treasonous administration(s), the alleged "representatives" of the people. Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 came into effect on 23 March 2001 because of the High Treason committed by Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, who signed the Treasonous E.U. Treaty of 'Nice' on 26 January 2001. I have supplied herein a transcript of the petition of the barons, which includes within its address the evidence of the treasonous aspects of the Treaty of Nice (See exhibit B).

Moreover, It is not the people's fault that the Barons' Committee were compelled by law to invoke the security clause of Magna Carta 1215 in 2001. I understand that we MUST ALL, by Royal Command, abide by the law to defend the sovereignty of the realm and the people thereof against treason, secure the peace, and protect innocent lives from loss, harm, and injustice, as well as having our own individual unalienable common law rights and freedoms protected (clause 61 of Magna Carta 1215).

I am an honourable, law-abiding subject who stands assertively by the truth to protect the land's common laws and customs and defend my unalienable rights as a sovereign man of the Realm. Furthermore, herein Treason evidence is supplied, which proves that Edward Heath and his co-conspirators did, with malice aforethought, commit Sedition and High Treason at Common Law when he signed the European Economic Communities Bill in 1972. The Heath Administration hid this blatant betrayal under the Official Secrets Act for 30 years. It remained within the National Archives within the Public Records Office until being released into the public domain in 2002. A link to a PDF Evidence file and a Letter to Edward Heath from Lord Kilmuir are evidence of Heath's Treason (see Exhibits D & E - respectively).

Whereas I have taken this standpoint in law to defend the realm and my unalienable Sovereign Rights, which the Common laws and customs of the land protect, and which the English and Commonwealth constitution demands that we all must do at this time, I also have a duty by law to "compel" all others who have not yet transferred their allegiance from the Crown to the Common Law Constitution via the Committee of the Barons. Accordingly, I must do all I can to ensure others do so.

Therefore, I DEMAND that you Chief Inspector__Mark Jacobs__ defend the English Crown and Church of England as ordered by Royal Command, and to defend the people who are also doing just that as their lawful duty!

The problem that we people face in these extremely corrupt and dangerous times is that there are NO AUTHORISED courts of law that observe the English and Commonwealth Constitution; therefore, it is impossible to remedy thefts, frauds, war crimes, genocide or High Treason etc. committed by the state by any peaceful means, which said crimes many English and Commonwealth constitutional subjects are subjected to, and or being forced to aid and abet at this time. Whereas the "Courts" (Private Corporate Businesses) are all run by criminally established private corporate enterprises these days, whereby none of them observes the Rule of Law or Due Process of Law within their corrupt tribunal hearings, there is nowhere for the common man or woman to receive remedy against said crimes other than relying on the public service of Police Constables to stand by the truth in law and uphold Their sworn Common Law Oath of Office of Constable, which most (if any) are not doing at this time. Therefore, you have a duty of care as a public servant to stand under your Oath of Office and the Common Law and to investigate all allegations of crime to protect and serve the public and to keep the Queen/King's peace.

The facts are all completely evidential. Successive quisling governments are destroying England and the Commonwealth's ancient common law system; if this were not the case, then Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 would not have been invoked under the correct protocols of English and Commonwealth Constitutional law.

To deny the English and Commonwealth Constitution publicly is also the criminal offence of Sedition at Common law.

English Constitutional law has not been taught within universities since the 1970s when Harold Wilson, PM, criminally prevented the practice, police today can be forgiven (up to a point) for not understanding the law, but nobody can convincingly say that they were unaware of the facts once formally notified of them. Ignorance is no defence in law.

As a result of the blatant and evidential general ignorance by the police on these URGENT matters of High Treason etc., which have been reported to the police by many people in the past, and, so, I can have NO CONFIDENCE in English nor Commonwealth policing within this criminally established administration therefore, I am informing you of my standing so that you are well aware of the facts before any Constable(s) under your direction may attempt to enforce illegal policies or aid and abet those who may seek to do so against me in future. Any Police 'Officer' trying to do so from this day forth shall be treated the same as any common criminal. I may hold you personally liable for their actions or omissions. We all have the right and duty to self-defence and to defend ourselves from coercion to aid and abet crime.

If you ignore this Official and URGENT Notice, or do not respond to the specific points of law addressed herein, and or do not honourably rebut my understandings of the law, in substance if you deem them to be wrong in any way, and within Ten (10) days from your receipt of this 'Notice Of Lawful Objection & Declaration Of Standing in Law', then it shall be taken to mean by all interested parties, now and at ANY future time whilst the security clause of Magna Carta remains in effect, that you have no legal/lawful objection to my standing and, that you will prevent Constables from attending the above address in order to aid and abet ANY debt enforcement agent(s), or any third party agents allegedly authorised by the Crown and, that you will ensure that all Police Constables attending the above address are there specifically to assist in any matter, whilst being called by myself or not, who shall assist in keeping the peace in the prevention of crime according to Common law, including but not limited to breaches of the peace, criminal damage, thefts and or coercion to commit crime from taking place.

Any reply must be made on your full commercial liability and penalty of perjury and, by your warrant card and Common law Oath of Office of Constable with a duty of care to the public. I also require a legibly printed name and a wet signature with any correspondence sent to me by you or your Office.

Before any reply to this Notice, please be aware that Sedition is still a crime in England as it remains unrepealed by CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY and remains as law. And that the Parliament has NO IMMUNITY from criminal acts, especially acts of Treason and that Parliamentary public servants are NOT beyond the remit of Police Constables' duties under the Common law.

Maxim:" Ignorance of the law does not excuse misconduct in anyone, least of all a sworn Officer of the Law."

Sincerely, and without vexation, frivolity, or ill will, or in any way intended to deceive whatsoever and, with all my Common law unalienable Rights Reserved. The above affirmations and claims are as to my lawful understanding and sworn to on penalty of perjury and my full commercial liability.


Witnessed by:  Date:





Exhibit A: Daily Telegraph report on the invocation of Article 61 "Peers Petition Queen on Europe"

Exhibit B: The Barons petition 2001

Exhibit C: Article 61, the whole translated text;

Exhibit D: Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath PM;

Exhibit E: Link to - FCO 30/1048 - Edward Heath treason Evidence PDF file.

Exhibit F: Oath of Allegiance
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Steps to Start Here - Oath Templates

Before you read on please be aware we have crafted some really lovely oath sets, which come with handy information, a high quality engraved CLA pen, a funky wrist band and some leaflets, grab yourself a bargain!

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Template - Scroll for Addresses



Sent by recorded post


Dear Lord

I, ______________________________In full knowledge of treason being committed in Parliament, by delivering the Sovereign Peoples of this Common law land into the hands of foreign powers, in understanding of some wrongs done by the previous/present holder of the office of Sovereign, from whom I now transfer my allegiance, do so willingly, and wholeheartedly stand under the invocation of Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 in lawful defence of the realm and our unalienable common law birth rights and freedoms.

I solemnly swear upon my Oath to obey the direction of the lords of the barons' committee whom invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta on the 23rd March 2001, in accordance with the royal command to do so, as long as said barons act strictly according to constitutional law at all times without deviation, and until such times as redress of these present wrongs has been achieved. Sworn and subscribed on the________________________

Signed. Witnessed by: Date:


2020 List of Accepting Barons

Marquis of Aberdeen
House of Formantine, Methlick, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 7EQ

Earl of Cromer
6 Sloane Terrace Mansions, London SW1X 9DG

Earl of Devon,
Powderham Castle, Exeter, Devon EX6 8JQ

Viscount Exmouth,
The Coach House, Canonteign Falls, nr. Exeter, Devon EX6 7NT

Lord Newall
(dont use this one right now it needs a flat number) 18 Lennox Gardens, London SW1X 0DG

Lord Newall
Wotton Underwood, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP18 0RZ

Lord Milne,
188 Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex

Lord Oaksey
Hill Farm, Oaksey, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9HS

Earl Cathcart,
Gateley Hall, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 5EF

Lord Ailsa,
Cassillis House, Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 7JN

Lord Napier of Magdala
The Coach House, Kingsbury Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1HU

To send oath to Baron, find the three witness signatures, photocopy, send the original via recorded delivery, keep the receipt, and store safely with your photocopy as evidence.

Keep spare copies and keep one on you if you can. Same with oath to self, keep a copy on you. You can use these later on, its evidence of your intent, which is a lawful and legal instrument.
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