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I'm a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and comic book writer/creator


  • Comic book content shown off days before anyone else!
  • Being able to play with me in exclusive streams!
  • Personal Thank you video for subbing + Much more!

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This is a moderate amount of moolah to keep me going for a bit. 1 half of it will go to YT/Stream stuff. The other will go to my comic book projects, as usual.
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the Goal
This will be plenty to keep me going to buy the latest games for my YT/twitch channel and also having a decent amount of income to pay my artist/colorist/letterer for my comic book projects (guaranteed at least a page a week and a character drawn up by my main artist). Perhaps even I can pay for my own TF2 community server.:D
to reach
the Goal
Wow this is a lot of money. Same as before but this time I'll also have a bit of moolah to possibly make side-comics for my main comics. Or variant covers, whichever I can afford.xD
to reach
the Goal
This is an INSANE amount of money. With this I won't have to worry about money for awhile, and I'll be able to continuously pump out content both from YT/Twitch and my comics.

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