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Pastor Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries
Pastor Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries
Pastor Steve Cioccolanti is one of the most-watched Christian ministers online, with 45 million views on YouTube alone, creating clean Christian content and mentoring disciples via books, videos and personal engagement. Welcome to Discover Church Online!
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For the price of a Starbucks drink, you get access to my SubscribeStar Activity Feed, where I will put special posts and photos not found anywhere else on other social media platforms. YouTube's notification has been fickle of late (subscribers fail to be notified, some have been unsubscribed without their consent!), but when you sign up via SubScribeStar, you will be notified directly when I upload a video, which is pretty awesome! Plus you can feel good about supporting a channel you find valuable.

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For the price of a book, you can submit your personal prayer request and I will pray for you by name. You can also post questions to me in SubscribeStar and I will interact with my supporters privately. I will try my best to answer all polite and theological questions within a month. (If I am traveling for ministry, please excuse my absence.) $22 tier and above will get exclusive videos, such as access to some of our online services, not available at lower levels.

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You're a Legend. That's Aussie for how cool you are. I know you really like me. I’ll follow you on Twitter (provided your tweets are clean). Please send me your Twitter handle. Mine is @cioccolanti. I will also retweet your tweets which I find funny or insightful.

You will have access to more Christian video content, as well as private videos about how God is leading me. You can also send me questions or ideas for a new YouTube video. (I reserve the discretion to choose which ones I approve, but I will seriously consider your suggestion.) You have my heartfelt gratitude for partnering with this ministry in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide!

After 2 months, you will receive one 20% discount coupon to be used for products in our Discover online shop within a year: (Please claim with [email protected] once you qualify.) If you do not shop for physical books, CDs, DVDs, polos shirts, we can alternatively send you the same discount for digital products on Vimeo.

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You’re my Collaborator. You practice tithing and offering. You believe in the importance of this ministry. Sometimes I need help with research and ideas. Collaborators are the people I will discuss with. Thank you for collaborating with me, using your gifts for God, and converting what you learn into action.

You will be first to hear about projects I’m working on. I will send you a signed copy of a book or DVD provided you have given me your address (or free VOD if you prefer). Product selection is subject to our stock.

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Pastor Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries

Most churches are closed or running on skeletal staff during the coronavirus lockdown. We ran int...

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Our building campaign goal is to raise $1.5 million to build on our newly acquired property a church/ recording studio/ prayer center/ ministry offices. Houses in the suburban area are in the $900K-$1.2 million range, so ours is a modest plan that will help Discover Ministries expand and reach more souls. Whether we raise the entire sum sooner or later, we welcome your support for ongoing monthly ministry expenses, including staff, video production, and IT expenses.

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