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Challenge runs that will make you say, "Wow, that look like it hurt."
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Thank you for supporting me! At this tier, you will have access to small previews/assets I make for videos.

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This tier will allow you to see first drafts of videos at least a week before they are released. Typically, these are just as good the final product, but may have placeholder music and some very slight mistakes. Your critiques are welcome! No more additional rewards past this tier

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Hand Stepping Appreciator

You will receive all prior rewards, and will have subscribed to a tier named "Hand Stepping Appreciator". Incredible. No additional rewards

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Chad Hoppip

You're a Chad, and make my heart warm. All rewards from previous tiers included. No additional rewards

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In-between tier

I noticed that you can't select exactly how much want would like to donate. If you really would like a specific amount, consider donating through Streamlabs instead! Then you can also see my reaction if you do that during streams.

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The Best GAMer

Even though I am the BEST GAMer, that doesn't mean you can't be, too. Thank you for your tremendous support. This tier comes with all of the rewards of the previous tiers. No additional rewards

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Challenger Andy

Cut content from the first part of the Smash video. Was cut because of awkward silence, but I lea...

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