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Catlady Natascha
Catlady Natascha
I blog about life with my 4 beloved rescue cats and what's going on around us. Also, I hope my cats can make others smile a little and make them feel less alone when they're included into our little world.
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  • Special and more personal content with photos and videos from our cat-ruled little world
  • Live streams with the kitties and me, and streams from other places
  • The world around us, documented from our point of view
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  • Public posts, some special subscriber content and soon livestreams
  • Cat content and everyday Catlady life in Austria from a British / Austrian point of view
  • I also write about what life is like in our country is like nowadays

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Catlady Natascha
Public post

Little Hero sends some purrs!

March 18, 2021 - Here’s little Hero sending you all some purrs!

I’ll have a proper post up soon! Still really busy with Sonic and every day stuff. But it’s all good! Sonic is still improving and the other’s are purrfectly fine too.

Thank you for visiting us!

Link to blog-post on Catlady Life
Link to video on YouTube:
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