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Bryan Rush is OUTSPOKEN
Public post

            The CHIEFS are AMERICA'S NEW TEAM?  

                   Several reasons why they are & the ONE REASON THEY COULD BLOW IT

The Chiefs are definitely poised to be America's team in football. Not the Cowboys, not the Ravens, not the 49ers, not the Seahawks. It will be the Kansas City Chiefs and here are my reasons:

  1. WINNING. The Chiefs win and AMERICA LOVES WINNERS. America is a nation that loves winning and those that win and those that do amazing things (more on that later).  Until very recently, American popular culture has always loved the successful, the brave, the powerful, and the champion.  If you win in our country, more and more people will watch your games, buy your gear, and show amazing footwork while they hop, headfirst, on your bandwagon. The Chiefs are the latest Superbowl winners and they still have that championship shine and swagger that is hypnotic to casual sports fans.  
  2. Being AMAZING. The Chiefs routinely do Amazing things. Don't get it twisted-winning is cool, but winning in style is the best of both worlds.  The Kansas City Chiefs specialize in AMAZING.  Their QB Patrick Mahomes doesn't just throw routine 10 yard passes; instead he throws no-look, running-one-way-and-throwing-the-opposite-direction 10 yard passes.  He doesn't just throw the ball hard, he throws moonbeams like 70 yards down the field, on the run, perfect spiral and with some heat on it!!!  He throws the ball underneath the arms of grizzly-bear sized d-linemen and linebackers like he's playing a video game on "Silly Mode".  He's so amazing the Chiefs just paid him 50 million per year, 503 million total, AND NO ONE REALLY THOUGHT IS WAS REDICULOUS! Because HE is rediculous!  Then there's Tyreke Hill.  He is simply the FASTEST MAN TO EVER PLAY NFL FOOTBALL.  And he's fast doing EVERYTHING from running straight, to cutting during routes, to turning on a dime, to juking defenders, and he goes from still to top-speed faster than anyone I've ever seen.  They say quickness is how fast you go from stopped to top speed and he is lightening quick!  I mean the guy is nicknamed THE CHEETAH and that might not even do him justice. Travis Kelce is a big, fluid, pass catching maven who's considered one of the best TE's in the game.  He also has the most swagger, juice, drip, machismo, dance moves and touchdown celebrations on the team.  He's an amazing player. The Chiefs put on an entertaining show, en route to winning. 
  3.  Mahomes is infinitely likable to the masses.  He looks like he's having fun and that is a magnet to most people.  He celebrates like regular people do when they witness something amazing.  He flexes like he's a power lifter.  He runs down the field celebrating like he just got a new car for his 16th birthday!  He has positive passion and charisma that people love to see out of their sports heroes.  Plus, he has his stupid, bouncy, full head of hair. Us oppressed bald people will just have to suffer through him flaunting that obnoxiously full dome of curly locks around like a lion's mane.  Whatever. I'm NOT envious, I'm just not happy for him.   He reminds me of Steph Curry.  They both possess amazing skills, but an even more amazingly celebratory personalities.  They can't wait to have a good time.  Mahomes seems to be someone that everyone would want to be around and that wins over more and more fans by the minute.  
  4. They are not the New England boring-as-watching-grass-grow-emotionless-predictable-robotic-boring-soul crushing-Patriots.  
  5. Their uniforms are a factor.  Red is the color of speed, desire and excitement.  Red sports cars,  red lip stick, Red Carpets for VIP's, red velvet ropes for exclusive areas, Red power-ties, etc.  All of these are synonymous with speed, excitement and something to be wanted.  The Chiefs are bathed in red.  
  6. Their home games are absolutely bananas and it's insanely entertaining to watch and hear.  It seems like a party that every American should have on their bucket list right along with seeing the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Disneyland, and the Statue of Liberty.  Their stadium fans know how to get earth-shakingly loud and raucous.  It's like college atmosphere in the pros and that plays well to lure people in on TV.  
  7. However, they could ruin their good will with protests of America; because most of its citizens STILL LOVE THEIR COUNTRY.  As an American born and bred, U.S. Army combat veteran, rags-to-riches success story myself; I do not entertain those who attack my homeland.  I will praise them if they chose to honor the best values of this country.  

 Americans want to be won over by the Chiefs’ ability on the field, their success and their representing the best of our nation.  
If they play their cards right America will form an alliance with Chiefs Kingdom!

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