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I wish to accelerate research into fast spinal cord regeneration using ethical practices. This is my chance to make a difference to those out there that would rather not be paralysed, including myself.
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Main Topics - Spinal Tech Innovations - AMA

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Hello Supporters, The latest update is that my next episode will be on EMS suits and I'm set to t...

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Few changes to the tiers, now the Supporter Subscription will automatically join the Discord group where there's text and voice group chat. The higher tier is to access Mastodon which you can request an invite when you reach the private group in discord. That will put you into a Twitter like platform that's moderated by me. (Anything that puts the hosting in jeopardy or is against the rules, within reason will be removed.) Otherwise its a good way to reach out and have threaded conversations about upcoming or pre-existing Spinal Tech. Or any personal developments that are orientated towards recovery, questions etc. Live chat can get a bit hectic so real enthusiasts will want access. 

First upload: Cybathlon Explained - Implanted Tech - FES Cycling [Part 1/2]

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