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BionicBeer is Podcasting
BionicBeer is Podcasting
I wish to accelerate research into spinal cord regeneration. This is my chance to make a difference to those out there that would rather not be paralysed, including myself.
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BionicBeer is Podcasting
Next podcast out by the end of this month latest by the way ;) First subscriber gets mentioned on my Twitter. 
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BionicBeer is Podcasting

Hi Guys,

After the release of my first podcast, I'll start posting some extras. Of course, I'll be in the chat room for anyone subscribing to that tier for now. Recording the next topic next week, we'll see how it goes editing wise.

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Main Topics - Spinal Tech Innovations, Disability, Rehab



  • Insider Knowledge on Spinal Tech and Events
  • Rehab Techniques for Paralysis + my Own Training Progress
  • Health/Disability Cross Over
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