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Baldilocks Bear
Welcome! I am a worship leader and a lover of God, the Bible, my family, music, sports (especially basketball & football), politics, debating, etc.
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Baldilocks Bear

Thanks for stopping by. Here's the link to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe to my channel as well as like, share, and comment.


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  • I'm currently making YouTube bible studies and I'm enjoying that. Not super tech savvy so it probably takes me longer than it should to make them, but I'll get better and hopefully not be making them on a Chromebook forever :) I have been writing, playing, and singing music for most of my life. If my schedule allows I'll probably make a music channel, too.
  • My life is dominated by the task of getting my three teenagers into adulthood successfully. That's sort of a joke, but only sort of. Any donations will go to helping me feed my offspring and help me dedicate more time to making content. Thanks for your support and God Bless!
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0gtlAJ7zQJdBCF7HgA7I_g

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