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I'm a cartoonist, I make comics and even in the process of learning animations!My goal in life is just trying to make my dreams come true by making my own series since I have at least 2 series that I'd love to make a real series out of.
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Normally I'd post a lot of my old projects, on here, but instead of that, I'll just post any new projects currently being worked on.

Right now I'm working on 2 projects, animation projects. So I'll just post that. 
I saved the gif images of them.
I don't have a real animator so I do things frame by frame on a regular art program and then put the gifs together as practice. 


  • Projects before they go public
  • behind the scenes of animations
  • your name at the end of the video in the credits

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And finished it actually today.

Even though the moral seems to be don't judge a book by its cover, which I guess is one of them; there are others as well like don't look behind but ahead, that there's no point in sobbin about the past when really it's in the past, nothing you can do about it, but you can change your future.

So glad to have this done and off the to-do-list after a year.

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Finished this one the other day, not sure why I didn't upload it, but ah well.
It's uploaded now so I guess that's a good thing lol.

The last 2 which is this one and page 7, are only 4 panels long.

So glad to be finishing this up seeing how this was in my to-do-list all last year lol. 

Though here Willy finish's up his little speech and he ain't wrong either.
We can't judge the past, but we can look forward to a brighter future.
Which is what the internet should be doing within itself, not looking at someone's past, but looking forward what we can do to become better people and not judging ones by past actions but by what they do now.

Willy is smarter than he appears. 

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This only took 2 days or so, so getting better!
Though, hard to argue with this bunny; perhaps some should even take his advice.
We really can't change the past or the actions of it, but we can try to move forward with our lives for a better happier and brighter future.
Sadly the internet only seems to be looking at just the past right now, instead of thinking into the future. 
Maybe the internet should take some advice from Willy. And he's thirteen! 
And where's spatter in this you may ask? Who knows, that dog is here there and everywhere, maybe he rolled down the rock? 
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This took about 3 days or so, would've been done sooner but let's just say life finds a way....

But Willy here surely is putting his foot down and telling it how it is...oh my angsty southern boi.

but at least he tells it as it is, he isn't going to stand for it and he certainly isn't going to let the past interfere with how he is now

Normally in any other "real" conversation there would be arguing back and forth---only in a cartoon can one actually keep talking about how they feel and others shut up and listen for a bit to let them carry on with their speech.

If more people did that we wouldn't have too many problems I wouldn't think lol.

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This took about 3 or so days, especially with the amount of detail in each panel. 
Bout 11 layers to make this [I do have a type of "behind the scenes" for it.]
But yeah, it's summer time!
It's time for the bunnies to just go wilds and have fun in the sun!
Wake up, have some breakfast, play around in the water and rocks, maybe some fishing for Andy--
Then Andy treating them in town at a local cafe, then maybe go down to the beach to spend the first day of summer and soak in the ocean air!
Then at night---fire flies!
There are some things I suppose to note:
Like the characters you see in panel 4 will be eventually said, and even introduced. Just not now....nows not the time...

also, in the last panel
Last night while drawing it in, it was just gonna be a one moon thing, but then I realized, I can create whatever world I want!
And then the cooper beauty behind it happened.
And I even gave them names, and even the world they live on, a name!
Lunair [the small white moon]
Loomare [The red "planet" behind it]
World name: Goddensian 

So, Loomare, is actually a planet, that just so happens to be close to Lunair, and their world.
I figured if I'm making a world, and hopefully video game to go with it---I'm going to make it awesome! 

Though sorry for another wordless comic, it was just something for summer. Well first day of summer, I'm just 5 days late to it lol.
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Sometimes... It's not always a "Happy" father's day;

To some father's it's a day to mourn that you had to either give up your kid, or your child just leaves without you knowing. That they ran away from home one day while you're at work and never saw them again, always and constantly worrying over your child's welfare and can only hope that they're fine and healthy and safe somewhere.

And it turns out, they're very happy without you, that they never really needed you and are surviving just fine.

This took about 2 days or so, especially while thinking of what to make/position the characters.
And of course, it's slightly canon.
If anything though, I'm more than sure this is how the father's feel, and even the mothers.

The reason the top is in black and white and the bottom showing the bunnies is coloured in, it's metaphorical, symbolic.
Showing the mothers/father's misery while showing the bunnies just another day in the woods having a wonderful time.

Though you can quite see the difference between the families.
Willy's parents live in a practical shack, while Andy's parents live in the most expensive home on the isle.

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            BitChute: Cutting The Loses: Deletion Time: 

I'll just say this much: I regret praising the website like I did before really getting to be on there for a long period of time. I regret suggesting that place saying it could give YouTube a run for it's money.

And I regret getting my hopes high on a site that can easily turn it's back on you.

I'll say this much, as much as I do say to go to other websites to expand on them, and hopefully get them to expand into something that it CAN be a competitor to Youtube---

Problem is--As I actually told a guy on Vlare who even said to give it a chance to expand these websites (even after I said that some don't cater to my type of work but he insisted that the only way for them too is for someone to start---convo was kind of back and forth)  And sadly I was right all along.

Telling this guy---because they don't cater to me, or if it's a thing specifically for a few genres since comics and artwork aren't accepted everywhere---I could easily be banned or targeted off the website. 

And thus that had happened.

My ONLY conclusion is someone who is on that site, saw what I was doing, didn't like it, even hated it thinking to themselves "Oh HELLLLL no! Get this sh*t off here! This is for news channels only! We're not having this crap here!" And then somehow came up with this fabrication that I was breaching community guidelines (even though the categories on BitChute include art and literature, and even animations) 

The main problem I have---even if this was "resolved" how many more times would I have to go through that? How many more times is someone going to get "triggered" because they don't want my artwork on the website because they believe it should be fully a news website?

Either, they should fix their list of categories to where they take off art and literature and animation


they should inform users that ALL KINDS (including comics and animations or any form of artwork) is accepted and you can't target these people just because you don't like what they're doing. 

Not only that, how long does it take to get back to someone? It's been 4-5 days...5 days counting now seeing how it's 12am

And there's no response, nothing to tell me what I did, and no response to what I wrote.

No one should have to put up with that. No one should HAVE to put up with that. 

That is a horrible way to run a website. And to me as stated before, they have NO excuse seeing how Vlare will talk to me within either the same day or at least the day after. That they try. They really care for the people there. And even if there's still bugs being worked out there, even if right now I cannot upload and I'm personally waiting for at least July and if it's still the same for me I'll go and ask again what's going on and the difference is---THEY'LL RESPOND TO ME THE SAME DAY!!

I know Vlare is kind of a sh*tposting website right now, with only little mix of games and actual good content. If anything it reminds me of somewhat of what YouTube was in 2007 when people were just uploading weird, sh*tposting, vines, ytps (that they call VlarePoops lol) stuff like that.  To be expected seeing how you don't get paid there either, but you can get donations.

But Vlare as potential because they care. 

Sure I doubt they can ever give YouTube a run for it's money, but at least it's a place I can put my content on without worrying about someone getting upset cause there's so many different uploads every day it's not one specific thing.

So I requested a deletion which pff takes a damn week to do. So they don't even have a proper instant deletion but I guess they have an insta-banning lol. Go figure.

You've been banned? One day over night to do. You want to delete your account? Oh you have to wait a week....even if your banned and your account now means nothing. really put the B*tch in your name. 

At this rate, perhaps I should just make a reddit. 

At least I won't have to worry about being banned since a lot of things are allowed there.

Though time to delete my links that I posted on some websites to my BitChute account. 

What a big waste....of my damn time...spending time and time again preparing videos for that site....only to be banned unfairly and without even a reason given...

I will NO LONGER recommend BitChute to anyone!

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                             I May Just Leave BitChute:

It's been 3 days since I've been wrongfully banned on there, and the only other way to contact them is the email that they give---however, they said they were going to email me of why this happened, and they never did.

I see that the staff really doesn't give a damn, seeing how on Vlare, which community has been growing--will talk to me within a few hours of me having a complaint---while BitChute just doesn't care to listen.

Apparently either I was banned for music I used, or someone really doesn't want comic artists on there, wanted to troll and without even my side of the story--BitChute was like "Yeah no you gotta go."  The problem with this---it's insta-ban, much to what like an art website will do to you---(even though I feel like they'd actually respond back to you giving you a damn chance to say what you need too so that way you have a chance. Not sure if it's the same on here though. I don't remember DA giving you a chance to get your profile back.)

But for a video platform that's trying to possibly compete with others---one of the biggest mistakes is that---you don't listen to what others have to say and you just insta-ban them because...reasons? Because we're not gonna risk it? 

And problem with that---As much as I dislike youtube for many reasons, they at least give you a warning or a strike and give you an idea of what you did wrong or you can even talk to one of the representatives to at least get some insight. Like, when I almost 100% lost my monetization when trying to switch over to my other email account and use that instead, I was able to talk to someone on the phone about it. 

And luckily I was able to do an email recovery. That they listened.

If you want to compete with a huge damn website like YouTube, you got to listen! You can't just insta-ban someone and then not email them what they did wrong leaving them upset and more likely to never come back.

Broken systems and rules like that make people want to walk away! 

If anything, by the end of this week, like let's say Monday, if nothing changes, and I still don't hear from them, screw it then, I'm just deleting. I'm not going to be on a platform that just doesn't give me a warning, that doesn't tell me what I did wrong, and nor responds to my email that I sent twice telling them of what I didn't do to break/breach community guidelines.

Cause I'm not going to deal with this in the future, and that's the thing---let's say it comes back anyway, does that mean how many more times do I have to deal with this in the future?!  And that's just....not right....

If anything, I'm actually highly disappointed. I had very high hopes for Bitchute, I had praised Bitchute for letting you be I know why it's called "bitch-ute" cause these b*tches don't give a chute lol.

And that's the problem when creators of a website don't care, why should I then? Why should anyone? And probably the reason for this---is because you don't make them money. I don't donate to the site, I don't offer a penny to them and nor are there ads so both I and the website make money. Whereas YT does and of course they wouldn't want to fully terminate you without a reason, and even if they demonitize you, they give you a chance to get it back again. (And let's be honest even if they kill one channel you can make another just as easy and start again anyway and be more careful next time like many of people have) 

But the problem is, youtube won't stay like that forever. I know down the road they'll be a subscription pay service much to what Netflix is seeing how they're reallllly pushing for that YouTube TV nonsense. 

That's why I wanted something like BitChute, but I guess that's not going to happen, if they don't bloody do anything! So why should i go or anyone go to a website that can ban you over night, not email you why this happened, and continue to ignore you. And if anyone is like "Well they're a small team, they have others to get too--" Bull, Vlare is a small team, and they answer back within the same day. Even with everyone saying how much Vlare does care for their creators. 

So this isn't an excuse to me.

At this rate---I might as well go to Reddit and make my own Reddit to post things....I will say I was iffy about it because I know how reddit can be sometimes. There's trolls, there's haters, and I really didn't want to put up with that just in case.

But at least I can probably just ignore them and or just delete them/block them, and at least this way I can post my artwork and videos without worrying about being insta-banned seeing how anything seems to go on reddit.  And perhaps even more followers/potential fans.

So if Bitchute doesn't come through---I'll just screw it and make a reddit. 

This is unacceptable of a video platform whose trying to compete. 

At this rate, they can't compete like this.  or at least good luck seeing how everyone will turn their head once they get insta-banned and without a reason. 

Bitchute you disappointed me very highly much so---and I hope you'll at least come through before Monday cause if that's the case, like Wally Franks from BATIM "I'm outta here!

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I'm Going To Do What TheMeatly Failed To Do:

Not mocking the puppet because we all love that puppet boi. He's a good lad

However--there's a few things that I plan to do with my game, that even now that he failed to do. 

Thing is---for his first game that, to me, that made it so special--is that he allowed people to join in by a contest; that people could put their artwork into the game as well. That way it was  like we all had some kind of hand in this. It was a community based thing to do as a fandom who loved the game. And to me; the first game will always be special because it gave artists a chance. It was awesome! 

But now in his new game BATDR he's not doing that anymore, he's just making the full game an releasing it when it's done. Is that a bad thing? No, it's his game. But now because of it---it won't have that special flair to it anymore. I can understand looking through hundreds if not maybe a thousand of people's artwork is a tedious job----and it can probably leave you exhausted by the end of the day and be like "WILL THIS EVER END?!?"  But know that these are fans who truly love the game for what it is and want to be apart of it. Not even for money! Just to be apart of it! Just to share in the joy! 

But now that's over with here. Same with his Showdown Bandit game that idk if it ever even finished....didn't seem like it had a large fanbase either.

But for my game----that I wish to make of SAWTOB Not only am I going to be allowing random artists to help with background concept art and pay them for their time and imagination and helping out with this endeavor; But eventually, I'd say when the game was 90% done, and I figured even before that, around 50% done I'd have a SAWTOB website up and running with the comics on it, with the animations on it, forums, character bios etc--- That I'd post not really a "contest" but allow people to create something for the game. Could be a poster that matches what's going on---could be a tiny thing of music, could be graffiti for a wall---if they know how to 3D model maybe just a cool object.  And the only way to get in---is if it's great looking. If it's dumb it's not going in, if it has no purpose where I can place it, it's not going in---but there's no limit to how many people can get in (though probably one art per person or at least 2 so it's not overwhelming and allows others to join on in whereas themeatly allowed the same person how many times to keep re-entering the contest and winning)     

For me---what themeatly could've done---he created a studio....a very once active studio filled with artists and such---there SHOULD'VE been papers of concept art everywhere are just artwork or even written work around the place, there should've not been just 4-6 posters in each chapter, but tons of posters! Hell someone even created this awesome stain-glassed digital art of bendy---where if he put that behind Bendy's chair/throne and had a light source behind it shining down on it, IT WOULD'VE LOOKED AND BEEN AMAZING~ Everyone came up with so many awesome amazing concepts for the game to have....but only 4-6 got in each chapter when honestly I just would've let in whatever 1. looked right for the chapter and 2. if it looked great. Not armature or anything but really good

Not only does it give people a chance, but it let's the artist get known too. And make the game feel even more special seeing all these artists around seeing what they did.

And unlike him; that's what I want to do with mine! I want to give people/artists great artists...the opportunity that they never really would have! 

Because I know, artist wise, we all want to be apart of something; and to me, it would make the game more "active" more "loved" more 'profound" and more...enjoyable to a fault. Letting so many artists create even a smallest thing that people can look at.  Cause that's what made BATIM special, people had a small hand in it--- I want this to be special too and any really game to come after it to be the same.

I want other artists to have fun with me, I want to give other artists a chance, I want their hard work to go to good use too. I want good artists to be seen, to be looked at---

Cause I know, really know how hard it is to get noticed out there in the art world, that anyone would give anything just to have a small part in it.  Even if it's not their creation.....but it can be their new fav. franchise that they can get into and love and spread it and enjoy it and even smile while playing the game.

And unlike themeatly now---who took out for some reason the concept artists from the end credits and only added himself, mike mood and the voice actors (which aren't proper credits to me)  

Of course I'll add the concept artists of course I'll add the "contributors" which are the ones who made the art/images in the game for me to put in of course I'll add my friends who were in the game as characters and anything else that was added in

The voice actors 

the music, the inspirations etc

anything that helped create the game

So I'm doing what TheMeatly didn't do....which he failed to do---

1. Allow more people to be apart of a project, REGARDLESS if it was their creation or not, but if they have the same love and passion, let them in if they have the talent for it! They don't care if they get paid, they just want to be apart of something bigger and better!

2. Allow free keys to play the game free for the concept artists and even voice actors who are in it

3. Add EVERYONE to the credits even the official credits seeing how they USED to do that, but now they don't which makes the game seem like it was all him and mike mood and the voice actors but not the dev team or concept artists or even the people who helped contribute.  4. And I plan to do this for future games as well. That even with other simple games in the future, I want more fun with a loving community! And give people a chance.

He had a huge opportunity.... And he wasted it

And for whatever reason--- He let time, be his "master" Meaning he wanted it done like how Sega won't delay a game either for a time....which is wrong. The game is done...when it's done---which is actually why I lot of people didn't always like the final boss because...for how big the ink machine is you through a few switches and then bang four pillars?! THAT'S IT?! WE CAME ALL THAT WAY TO DO THAT?! THAT'S WHAT THIS BIG REVEAL CAME TOO?! And all because Mike Mood said they were stretched for time--- No, you could've waited, you could've said "To make this game BETTER we're taking our time"  So with so many probably wanting in, he only choose 5-6 winners because...--? Stretched for time even with Unity they can plop down items since that's why they said they liked Unity. An all I could imagine is them just making the image more defined and adding some texture and that's it....Sure it takes a bit of time, but it's about the love of the creation, not the time being wasted.

I'm hoping that now they're taking their good sweet time seeing how, no game should be rushed, no game should have an end time---just like art---it's ready when it's ready. You don't rush progress and you don't rush art. And game deving is a type of art. An art you shouldn't rush and for me an art I don't plan on rushing either. Even if it takes me 10 years. It's going to get done, but when it's ready. That way people will have a good game that they can smile and have a good time with.

So I'm doing what themeatly failed to do

and what he even now fails to do...regardless of t-shirt contests for designs or any of the sort---he failed letting more talent in, in about a video game about said talent....

And my game has nothing to do with said talent, it's just about fun! And I'm hoping when i get everything set up, and everything is good and ready, I can allow people in as well if they so choose too. 

An unlike him, I will give them credit in the end credits like they should've gotten...

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Vlare And BitChute: Feels Like They're Against Me: 

For Vlare--- Their uploader hadn't worked for---about almost a month and when they finally get it back up and running---the uploader is still not 100% working for me. Thing is it'll stop around 4%-9%-13% and that's it or it won't do anything at all. I had informed the staff but problem is that others aren't having the same problem as to what I was told. That no one came forward yet or at all to say they were having the same problems.  So right now I can't even upload to Vlare

And for Bitchute--- They blocked my account!! Said I breached community guidelines but how?!

All I re-upload my videos to there so that way I'd have a backup place to go too when (not even if) Youtube kills itself and turns itself into a type of Netflix where it'll be subscription pay instead. 

So unless the website is saying, even though it allows art and literature, even though it allows animation---does it not allow comics or something? or is it the music I used? Even though if it were copyrighted---it wouldn't be allowed on YouTube, they would've flagged it....

I did contact BitChute to hopefully resolve this or at least know what I did wrong so I can correct it. 

If anything I'm trying to think as logically as I can--because I did read the guidelines and I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong unless someone on there is just upset like "No damn comic artist is going to be starting on here, I don't want that crap here, it's news channels only nothing more!" and reported my channel because reasons cause I know how people can be, I know how obtuse people can be.

And this is why---video platforms will never get up there to the status of where YouTube is....that's why YouTube is supreme right now. And that's not a good thing.

Because of broken TOS or broken sites mechanics and slower reactions because smaller team---it's going to be hard for anyone to really compete with YouTube unless Amazon makes just a video website and not a streaming one because I can't say that's a proper competitor because it's streaming, you can't upload just videos on there. It's like Mixer, it's meant for streams.

At this point I have half a mind to make a reddit seeing how try breaking TOS there and I'd be able to upload whatever I desired on my own page.  I'm just a bit antsy about it because I know how the internet can be, I know there will be trolls, jerks, arseholes etc 

So it's still a thought.

Sadly there's not a lot of places you can call "home" for an artist that's a video platform. 

Not every video platform allows artist to roam on there, maybe animators, but not comic artists. 

The love usually goes to vloggers, gamers, and news channels

Update of Vlare:

Turns out that apparently the uploader according to one of the employees I talked too---that it would stop your internet connection midway through preventing users from uploading.

They are currently looking into it so that way people can start uploading more frequently. I'll probably just wait till next month to upload anything considering I feel like even when it's fixed, completely, there's gonna be a lot of people uploading and I don't need the server over loading or something because of it.

and as for BitChute

Still no damn idea and it's been 2 days....thanks BitChute...and I praised you!

At this point I may just make a reddit or something...
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Down The Road: Opportunity For Background Artists $$

Eventually when I understand more of 3D modeling after that, I know I mentioned this, but I've been now starting the 3D modeling process--it's....a longer process then originally thought lol

I did find a video tutorial, but it was more or so on how to create a realistic human model mesh in Blender, and at first I was like "Well I guess this'll have to do---" Till I then a day after I figured that, "Duh, why don't I look for a Sonic how-to tutorial!" seeing a sense, Sonic is the closet thing to my bunnies in a way. Biggish head, slime arms and legs that are straight, bigish feet, gloves for hands, etc. he was the closet idea to what they sort of are even though SAWTOB is a little more detailed then Sonic is, but it's close! Lucky me, I found a 12 part video tutorial on it and next time when 3D modeling happens I'll be taking notes from that video. And I'll be more enthralled to learn because I did always wonder how Sonic was made. Even if it's fan made. Then I'll learn about bone structure for animation etc. 

But that's beside the point, I ain't giving up just yet just because I'm confused lol

Though I figured later down the road---that perhaps because I'm bad with backgrounds, I did want to create concept art for the 3 towns---sadly I'm terrible at making backgrounds like buildings and such.  And you know, I would love it if someone could help me who was good at it! That they were good with detail and shading and such with backgrounds. I can easily do a quick sketch sure, but this also allows others to be apart of the process. And I know how much people love being apart of a project (And yes your name would be in the credits) If you're also wondering why would I want concept art so badly instead of just playing around with the design while making the map--- It's cause in the game I want people to find like hidden things like collectibles and those would be the concept art, the music, maybe animations that they can play, stuff like that. Fun things. And it gives me an idea what to do and make. So I'm not just going in blind thinking "welp I'll just do whatever!" Normally you don't...want to do that....

And of course, I'd pay the artist a little somethin-somethin for their efforts. I can't pay a WHOLE lot but I can pay finely. like about 25-35$ for their work.  And I want semi-professional. I want it to look good. Like the concept art you'd see for other games, not just a regular drawing that doesn't look great....even a sketch that looks professional would be great. Like an "idea"  Remember concept art is only an "idea" of what could be. If you're great at building making, good at shading and a bit professional in that kind of profession that you love making background art and buildings and such and this interest you, well keep an eye out then. If you know someone who likes this kind of stuff, well let them know to keep an eye out.

Ah, and you don't have to draw the bunnies in the background if you choose not too--it's just background art, I do know people like Subnautica who have drawn their characters in the background in their concept art, but you don't have too unless perhaps it's more fun on your side (the bunnies themselves don't have to be detailed in the highest extent obviously) Now if you're wondering while also interested, what kind of of background am I looking for?  Well if you're interested, just DM me and I'd tell you what I'm looking for as a idealistic concept.  And again, you will be getting paid per picture, (know that sometimes I can't pay you right then and there, but I can and will pay you when I can and I always hold up to that promise. Even ask my Nerdy bro who dubs for me and I always pay him back. ALWAYS.)

Now I don't need this anytime soon, but it's for those who are interested in it. If this interest you, and you want to be apart of something like this game with your name in the credits (and seeing how it'll be shown in game, I suggest also putting your name or username in the corner of the picture) 

I know people love being apart of more---that they love being apart of a bigger thing/project especially artist wise. 

And now I'm really asking for GREAT background artists to be apart of something. No armature business here  Whether it be coloured in or not.

How many people can be apart of it? Well hmmm, it's hard to pay over more than 1 person, but let's put it like this: If you're interested, and I see your gallery and I think you have what it takes and you put your heart and soul in it and use your imagination to what I give you to work with by saying what I'm plainly looking for---I may hire at least 2-3 people. 2 really the most, but I'll be generous. Just know you'd be getting paid when I can afford it, I only get about 800$ (and my kitty is expensive lol. Maine Coon mixes really love to freakin' eat! I also want to get him a much bigger cat post cause now he out grew his which is over 50-60$)

But this isn't anyway until later in the future when I learn more about 3D modeling, when I model my characters out and learn more about animation. 

I'm only saying it now to perhaps interest people. 

That if you're good at shading Good at backgrounds Good at even just imagination 

And know that SAWTOB has more of a medieval setting and you believe this is something you can tackle  And you don't mind when you get paid as long as you do (through Paypal of course cause that's all I have lol)  

then you may just have the job

Ah, and just because well maybe if you're my friend and you like this opportunity; know that you may not get the position only because some of my friends aren't...THAT great--- I can't use that as concept artists who are meh. I need some real good background artsits and if I don't think you're up for it or can't do it, then I probably won't give you the job unless you proven yourself.  

It doesn't have to be 100% spectacular, but something for people in game to look at and go "Yeah this gal had hard workers on this" Cause the more work on this----it shows how much love is going into it. 

I can easily make concept art in my sketchbook, but I'm allowing other artists to step forward and show me what they got as well.  That they can be apart of something too, even if it's just concept art wise so that way you can see your art in a game with your name on it. 

Almost like TheMeatly's contest where the best of the best got in. 

Think of that again---

Ah and some more things you can do if you decide to join in:
1. I don't care if it looks cartoony it's a cartoon, as long as it's drawn really well and it's an idea for the concept for one of the 3 towns (Plus beaches since I want to add a beach side to it that players can go too. Also eventually down the road as a type of DLC a beach side town but I figured only if the game is popular enough. So no worries over that)

2. I don't even care if it's not coloured in as long as the effort is there. or if it's simple coloured with simple shading that's fine.

3. I don't care if you used water colour or "paint" to make the background drawing concept art

4. I don't care if you traditionally draw the concept art and then scanned it or took a really high quality picture of it to send and then drew it out digitally. 

5. In hindsight I don't care what style you use, as long as it's a good damn drawing worth the money.

As said, I know artists LOVE to be apart of something bigger, and now is the time for any background artist who likes drawing backgrounds and good at drawing nature and buildings to really come together and give this a thought as a opportunity!  And I could do this alone, I could just sit alone in my room thinking--since it is my game that I want to make---but believe it or not---it is more fun when others are involved too. That you know people are like "Hey yeah! yeah! I want in! I want to try! Can I try too!?"  Cause this way---it gives people: 1.  a chance 2. something to put in the resume that they had a part in concept art for a video game idea.

3. feel apart of a bigger picture

4. fun

5. a opportunity that they don't or would usually get.

And it's not like you're the other 3D modeler or developer that I have to maybe worry about taking all the credit or leaking things that shouldn't be leaked. 

Ah which comes to the other thing--- If you do want it and do become apart of this down the road--- I'd like you to send me your concept art via dropbox or somewhere that others can't see it. That way nothing is being leaked. It's better this way so it keeps it more or so still a secret cause then it also ruins it for being in game because you can just find it online before it's even out in the game. Makes sense? Of course it does.

But to me---this is just a fun thing to give others an opportunity.  Down the road I may even do a thing on NewGrounds in a forum of the same thing, sure there's DA which I've stated the same on there---but a lot of people have been leaving DA just for the design and layout so probably not as many takers either. And because NewGrounds is full of great artists who would love to jump on this offer, I figure down the road I'll post it on there.

But it'll be like themeatly's contest, only besides him---I'm paying you for your services. I'm giving you actual money for your time. TheMeatly is only like "Your art will be in the game! And as a poster that you can hang in your room WOOPIEEE!!"  


Yeah no. You're getting paid for your time You're getting your picture in game you're getting your name in the credits as concept artist annnd you'll get a free key to play the game when it's done for helping me. (that's right, for your don't even have to buy the game! Awesome perk right? Even though...the game is only like 5$ when it comes out...) 

Themeatly heh, well as nice as the boi is---he didn't do that.  Just like the voice actors I plan on giving the game to them for free. Cause they helped out. Cause they wanted to take part. 

It's the least I can do. 

I guess that's just how generous I am

So if this interest you for down the road or you know someone who would be ALLLLL over this who would love the recognition in a game down the road---well share this journal around, if not and if I don't see any takers by the time I'm ready---then I'll ask on NewGrounds where I'm sure A TOOOON of artist would want part of this knowing the perks they get out of this. 

But as said, for far later down the road---

see what happens.

Let's see where this fun 3D modeling goes first hahaha

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This one is gonna be one of the longer comics....
I had page 1 in the workings for a few weeks now, only cause a lot things got in the way so I couldn't 100% finish it, well until tonight. I'm going to try to at least make 2-3 pages each weekend, but these pages are hard work! A lot of effort goes into each panel.

I do realize there is an episode of Mao Mao called Adoradad.....which I will say--even if no one ever believes me, I did make this BEFORE I knew of it---I had the script written out before I knew of theirs. 

....Can't say I'm a huge fan of the episode...they could've made the dad cool and did the complete opposite....stupid if you ask me....

Regardless, that's why I'm making my own! At first---I wasn't going too figuring people may say "There's already an episode of her real father!" but after seeing it and seeing how lame it is---I"m doing people a real favor here....I like parker simmons, but---he has every opportunity to make his characters cool....and then just for the sake of a dumb joke, doesn't.

Sure I'll do some things for the sake of the joke, but even I know to add in actual cool characters seeing how his show doesn't really have any badass characters, maybe Mao Mao's sisters so far as what they look like---but some characters are really lame. Just there for laughs.

So I'm going to make this regardless, and I hope people really enjoy it in the end knowing what could have been a good idea and was taken away due to a stupid joke of a father that they gave Adorabat. 

You can still make a character badass and still have them not want what you don't want them to have....much to what I did in this comic.


But it seems here, Adorabat is getting ready for her dad's arrival. She's super excited about it too! She hasn't seen him in sooo long! Even though Badgerclops doesn't seem too excited about it lol

 Patreon Supporters: Mikes Toon Town and Chocochu   

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           Came Up With A Good Idea For 3D Modeling:

So, I found some videos of 3D modeling, but they were mostly human nothing of what I'm making. Since obviously SAWTOB is a cartoon animal filled with other animals. 

So at first I was stumped thinking at least I'll learn something, even though still confused.

Which I guess is to be expected seeing how you would be confused when learning 3D modeling for the first time

So I came up with a good idea----

I'll find tutorials on how to make Sonic that way it's close to my SAWTOB characters--big head, somewhat of the same shape of body....well sort of...Sonic is smaller....but lines for arms and legs, mouth, etc

And lucky me, I found some. Which should be great seeing how it's close to what I'm trying to make.

Kind of wish I thought of it sooner seeing how Fri-Sun I draw comics.

but easy come easy go, at least I'll know for next time. 

But not only will this help, I'll also be enthralled to watch more considering it's of Sonic and I get to see how it's done, even if fan made.

So now, I gots a plan lol

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                    This May Take Some Serious Time: 

As some people would know, since I've told people on my discord, and on my youtube etc, (that's really all I have lol)

That I start modeling this month, however---
This may take some serious time to just learn

I knew it wasn't going to be busy, never said 3D modeling was easy---if anything I feel bad for those who 3D model yet make hardly anything...

Perhaps I should've taken this into account and made some spare time to watch videos and take notes on this---
Which now--is exactly what I'm doing.
Well not this second, I'm relaxing right now lol. Probably later thought.

Even though it's not my favorite thing to do--since it's like studying for a test or just studying period, but it's something I must learn.

Though I guess on a bright side, once I know how to do it once, the rest should follow easily since it's all the same style practically.
I just have to find the right video tutorial for this.

If anything; this is where I wish I knew a friend that was into 3D modeling as well--that way they wouldn't mind telling me the step-by-step procedure or even some tips and what things mean.

Thing is---I have no real idea where to start or how to do things or what buttons do what or what means what for what lol.

I know not all have them in Blender, is for character creating. Some is just for water, or smoke or fog, it's not all just for characters.

There's A LOT to learn, and I already knew this would take years and who knows how long to model one character, probably varies depending on how much is on one character, how much detail you want etc

probably a lot of those variables to take into account. Which luckily, I don't have too much detail on each character just enough---not only that---the only problem lies is that I want it to be a smooth texture along with it just looking good. So that way you don't see the polygons that were made into it to a high extent, which isn't impossible.

It just long, tedious and takes a lot of time to learn.
Luckily I have nothing but time on my hands if anything. I have nothing really going in my life that dictates that I should make it faster or anything, if anything I have no real future goals besides cartoonist but I guess that's why I post my artwork everywhere even though I'm a small artist with not a lot people who know about me yet.

Which I guess that's fine though with everything considering, the more you have the more people expect things out of you and want more demands and uploads and such. So perhaps I should be thankful I'm not huge, but it's not a good living either.

But I digress

This will definitely take more time to learn about. So I'll be learning more about it each time. Taking notes etc. Learning more about it etc. 

Watching even videos to help me and maybe looking up more about what each one does as in "hotkeys" since a lot seem to go to the hotkeys to do it. 

So this doesn't mean I'm throwing in the towel already---hell I haven't even really tried to model yet---
It just means I need a lot more time to learn and understand.

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This one luckily didn't cause me any troubles unlike page 2 did.

However, the only reason it took me so long is because I wake up and work around 6pm

If anything for some reason I'm just one big night worker, that I reallly want to get out of the habit of being. I mean I like working at night cause no distractions and I can get things like this done. I almost put it away for later actually for later today to finish, but I guess I'm too determined to let that happen so I figured I'd just finish up the comic

leaving for today to let it be 3D modeling day.
Which of course still nervous of.

But that's beside the point---

Here we have Willy ending his flashback as to why he left the orphanage, and it seems Willy just didn't have it either with everything he had to deal with every day for 2 months before he decided to take a crowbar, somehow able to break the window open and escape that way during the night.

So why be emotional if he's not, right? 

Though ever wondered how Willy's scarf got all torn apart?
Well it wasn't from just wear and tear from the outside world--it was literally due to someone ripping it apart.

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I WOULD'VE finished this...the other day....
Why didn't I?

Well "funny" story---When saving it, it was around 3am, spent 10 hours on it at least...all day long....just sitting and drawing. Barely did anything else---
I thought I saved it properly, but apparently I must've closed the program too soon---something in me possessed me to at least look----


All 6 panels---all gone...back to square 1.

I wanted to flip every table, I wanted to flip my computer, I wanted to rage, I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up I wanted to cry etc.
It's the WORST feeling in the world when you work so damn hard on something, and when you go to save, just because you're computer is slower than your damn reflexes that it doesn't save---and it doesn't autosave while you're making the whole bloody thing!
leaving you to do everything all over again---

It took me about 30 seconds to just take a breath and go for it again.
What took me 5 hours originally took me an hour to do....I got right back to where I had to colour it in. Even though where I had it---was shading it...which takes awhile.

I would've had it done sooner, I would've been working on page 3, I would've been doing good---but no my fate had to be where it took me back...

I will say---this version is slightly more detailed then the last one. A few changes have happened---

-In panel 3, Willy is more bent over, in the previous version he wasn't as slumped over, his body was, but his head didn't really show it--here it shows that he's being serious. So that's a plus.
-In the small box in panel 4, Willy's eyes were slightly bigger in the previous version and was a tad smaller--here he's bigger and his eyes aren't as huge. Not only that, in the previous version his scarf in that frame wasn't as big and neither was his hat. Here I made sure his hat and scarf were the right size by making them bigger to show how small he is.
-In panel 5 there's quite the change, in the previous version the room looked bigger because I believe the staircase wasn't as big, but that's just room ratio which doesn't matter as much. I also in this version added more cracks on the ground and staircase plus walls, added leaves to the bowl on the shelf where in the previous version there wasn't, made writings on the walls and shelf, and even the background characters have much more detail on them then in the previous version figuring I'd at least spruce them up a bit.
-In panel 6, originally the silver fox you see was jumping on the bear, only cause I accidentally made him too short in the previous version. I also made the bear about to punch him in this version while he's holding onto it making sure he doesn't lay a hand on him so it's more violent. The table is also closer to the frame then it was previously.  Also for Willy he was actually originally in the left side of the frame facing them (back to us) up closer; here he's in the background witnessing what's happening.
-Not much changed for the final panel, only that Willy looks bigger in this one cause in the last one he was a bit smaller along with the furniture. Not much of a change though.

So---actually there's a lot of changes in this---and mind you originally just drawing the characters and background---it took me about a few hours---this took me an hour to redraw.
Only cause I guess when I'm mad I can draw faster? And even add more detail then originally. If anything all you could hear is clicking faster while being upset lol.

I would say perhaps it should happen more often---no....not it shouldn't.

Because of this--and me wanting to at least make 3 pages this weekend---I'm making Monday a "catch up" day, so what was going to be 3D modeling---is now me catching up on a page that would've been done today.

And then go from there....

Ughghgh nothing can be easy can it?

Though I will say, I'm getting A LOT better at drawing these bunnies, that it's awesome!

there's also 2 new canon characters in this comic.

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Posting this first here for patreon to only see, before posting it on DA since I'll do that after this weekend like I always do.

But here, now is Willy's time to shine! And by shine I mean put his foot down since he's tired of getting any kind of bad backlash by his friends seeing how they just won't say anything to his face---that he's "too young" they had said in the past, at least Andy has said to Stanley, that he just isn't ready to hear it---

but it turns out, he's already known of what has happened---he has snuck away from the cave many of times just to hear them talk since they won't say it to his face---and he's getting pretty damn tired of it---

it's time for this bunny to let his voice be heard.

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                                    Just Some Thoughts:

Sometimes ya just wanna write, right?
I love the sound of the clicking of the keyboard that makes me almost want to write even more. It's a fun time lol.

I guess what I want to really say, just looking at the new banner and even the schedule, it feels so surreal that now I can put "gaming" in it.

For so many long years I've wanted to do that, to upload me gaming something, anything with or without commentary. Only cause some things that were funny would happen....and it would really suck knowing---no one was watching, not even a single person can see what happened. And that's really no fun especially if it's funny or even a glitch that happens that you weren't expecting.
But now that I can, as said before, it opens a whole new door for me.

And that's what I find so awesome since I've had laptops in the past, but the thing is--none could run a game annnd record it, hell it could barely run a game, I was lucky if it did.

To me, this was more or so the goal I was hoping to get too this year.
I already bought the mic and cam which should be in sometime this month---it's saying either June 24th-27th

either way, which ever it really is---it's a huuuge milestone in my eyes.

Which wouldn't be to a lot of regular youtubers.

I'm not rich, I'm pretty poor, and if it wasn't for my SSI I still wouldn't have this opportunity which I'm thankful to have.

Yes it makes more projects, yes it fills my to-do-list---do I care?
Not at all.
To some, they might care cause that's a lot more on them to do, and some youtubers do get this 'burnout" that they get tired, that they have sooo much to do---

to me, I like knowing---I have so much to do. I like knowing, I have a to-do-list that doesn't shrink, but grow with more ideas that I have, I like the idea of knowing I can wake up with something to do. That I'll never be really "bored", okay I can be, but I do know there's something to do regardless, that I'll feel like I'll have endless supply of content to give

Thing is with gamers, and no offense to them---they're not showing a talent---they're not giving off a talent, so when games are more spaced and not a lot to show or what to do---they lose ideas for content besides just try not to challenges, or showing off their reddit as something as a form of "entertainment" but at the end of the day---they're always questioning "What do I show? There's not a lot of games right now but I need to keep it going"
This is where the youtuber/gamer has to be clever. Some do forms of acting or reacting to items and such. That they have to literally think of what they can do so they can keep things up. 

Me? I'll never really have that problem, even now I had projects backed up since 2017.
Things are still going and now that I have more opened up to me--I can add more to the do list and do it whenever I see fit.

I'll ALWAYS have something to do---cause if I think of something, I can make it art wise. If a gamer thinks of something---they can't do that. That some just don't possess artistic ability that they'd like. Sure, maybe some can and or some can play an instrument, or they can sing or something---but half the time---or more than half the time---if a creative process happens--more likely they're not likely to do it.
While I can. I can make animations, I can make series, I can make comics, I can make stories, now I can do even more with gaming, and how-to videos for artwork.

Gamers as a whole cannot. So they have to push themselves, and that push causes a "creator burnout" cause they feel pressured to keep it going.

It's a shame really cause I do believe we all have a creative artistic talent somewhere. Just some show it, other's don't....others struggle to get content out.

I am thankful that I don't have to worry about any of that.
Sure I can get tired, but now when I do, and I want to do something else, now I have the golden opportunity to record it and make it content.

Hell I can work on 3D models, and record it for the future so that way when I do plan on making my own website or even on Patreon I can show people the behind the scenes process

or even just editing a video I can show people what I do.

Gamers could do the same, but for some reason think it's too boring. And maybe it is to some, but to people like me, I LOVE seeing behind the scenes, I love to see the creators process to learn more. Some don't but that's why I like to have variety for everyone on my channel, whether it gives me a lot of views or not. And sadly I may not care about the views, but they have too because they have to pay for things. They have a home to pay for. So they have to keep things going.

I have the privilege and fortunate opportunity to not only take my time, but to do multiple things that I decide to do thanks to my talent that helps me along the way.

Sure I'll never expect gaming to be up there with what I draw, not that I anticipate at least, I mean it may---I'm guessing it depends on what I play for the most part.

But unlike gamers, I have a talent that people WANT to see; people aren't there just to laugh at my content because I uploaded a video game, people are there to watch me flourish and grow as an artist appreciating the art that I give. Not saying people don't appreciate gamers, because boy ever do they do, but I do have the people who stick by me because they love my talent and what I draw, not what I just post because "haha funny."

If anything I feel like I have more of that accomplished feeling whenever I finish a comic or animation then just a gamer who sits and uploads a series and then finish. I mean even I don't feel "accomplished" playing a game and finishing the story, I just figure "Well that was fun, now to wait for studio to come up with something else."
I don't think I've felt that kind of 'accomplishment" when finishing a game.

Not saying I'm better then gamers, no of course not. We're all just garbage at the end of the day trying to live our lives. Just saying, unlike them, I don't have to worry about what I'm doing tomorrow or next week, or even the next few months seeing how I've had a to-do-list grow for years! 

And now with more on the list cause I'd love to just fool around playing a game and record it. or when making a comic I can record it showing off what I do. And make it like a speed paint but a speed comic.

So it amazes me I got to this point. Funny too cause when I was a bit younger, in early 20s, I even said to myself around 26 or older that's when I'll be doing more. Probably. That I'll have more things to do and more to show cause I'd have more things figured out and be able to pay for it.
And who knew I'd be somewhat right, cause there are some things still I have yet to learn or do. Like I still want to learn how to create music in an music editor, I'd love to somewhat 'sing' my own songs, I'd love to pay for an actual animator that I can't yet, I'd love to have a computer computer instead of a laptop working as the "computer". Cause I'm sure I'll have to wait awhile for that.
So I still have a lot to save up for, a lot that I want to do, and have yet to learn.

But right now, this is a milestone that I'm happy to take. Sure I had a mic before, but it wasn't the best, but I only used it for voice overs for theory videos. That's it, now I can practice voice acting now I can practice some vocals now I can voice over videos. 

At first actually I wondered what to do about that---cause I share a room, my room is right outside the dining, kitchen, and living room, I hear EVERYTHING, and pretty sure the mic would. And I HAVE to leave the door open a lot because of my cat because his litter box is right inside the closet and he even eats in here (It's a big room)
So closing the door, and even getting silent foam for the walls won't do anything. They would be pointless especially since I have a lot on my wall as is, and I have no intentions of taking down anything.
So if anything--I'd have to record in what my fam calls "the great room" cause it's like a giant entertainment living room with a big flat screen t.v. And I figured at night when all are in bed, that's when I'd do it since no noise, it used to be a garage but refurbished. So it's cut off from the rest of the house so during late nights when all are asleep that's when I'd record and such. 

Not exactly what I wanted, but I'll take it. Especially since in my old home, you couldn't do that anywhere! People could hear you throughout the house thanks to the vents. So even when allll the way downstairs you can hear each other then too. So at least this way no one can hear me because I can't hear much of or anything in the great room unless I was near the door. So that's great. So I can be loud all I really want to be and even have a big t.v to entertain me while I'm practicing even with the volume off. I just hope the guinea pigs will behave. They can squeal pretty loudly lol. Especially when hungry, though for the most part they should behave regardless. Better than my cat who makes a lot of noise at night running around with the zoomies.
But in a concealed room at night by myself away from distraction and most noise, I'm fine by that.
So as said I'll probably practice voice acting and the voices I want to use for future characters, and maybe even some songs to save for later for editing. Though I will not add "music" to my banner until I know for sure I can pull it off.

Ah, also, the reason on my banner it doesn't say 3D anything or game deving is because a few reasons:
1. I don't even know if I can pull it off yet
2. Let's say I can at least get 3D models, I have to learn how to animate them as well.
3. The channel itself isn't about 3D it's more or so just of animations of kinds and artwork.

so no real need to add 3D when even though I'll be working on it, it's a long process I'm more than sure, along with creating them and animating them etc.

Even though there is a future animation I hope to make that is in 3D But that's awhile away.

So I don't really want to put 3D or even music to that list yet.
I hope too eventually.

But honestly I'm really excited about all this, even with the chaos going on outside for awhile; I can focus on progress in here.
To me the "chaos" outside doesn't really bother me like it seems to with others only cause
1. This happened before
2. The world has suffered much worse than this anyway.
3. It's really just about looting and how far we can push things
4. To me it's just more drama to push a damn agenda for awhile and the media making it worse than it should be....since people are doing things peacefully.

if anything, some could say "What you don't care about the cause? You're heartless!"
No cause I have black friends that I look at as family, one is like a brother to me.
If anything, colour means nothing....if anything judge this if you want---but ALL matter, not just blacks, not just whites, not just---any other colour---ALL matter, not just one or the other.
I get it the whole "white privilege" thing....when really it's racist people who look at it that way at the end of the day.
I don't find myself privileged in that regards. If I did something wrong, I'd face jail time. Death? ....probably not? Unless one of those swatters and was accidentally shot at....
But hell as a girl I do probably in the future have to face womanizers, I do have to face "Oh you're a girl you belong in the kitchen" which I've dealt with in the past---we ALL have our problems somewhere rooted within either racism or sexism....doesn't even matter at this point to me.
If I worried over everything, everything, which I'll admit I do a lot already---I wouldn't have the energy or want to do anything...
I know this'll pass, it always does; looting isn't new, vandalism isn't new, riots aren't new, protesting isn't new.
Sure it can go on for a long time because not only are people bored, and the media wants to push more onto people---people are also bored because of social distancing, people want the pandemic to be over, if anything this gives people something to do in the mean time.
If they just let things slowly reopen like things have here, and let people live their normal lives the way they see fit----this wouldn't last long as it is.....well maybe---people can go really crazy now-a-days
and the riots aren't even for the movement, it's just to cause criminal acts and then push it to the "Oh you killed a black man, I'm standing up for that right!" you're not, you're doing criminal acts. Going to peaceful protesting is how you fight this. This is just a bunch of dumb teens and young adults who I can't even call "Adult" who have nothing better to do, sick of being inside, and want to be apart of something for likes on twitter and Instagram for being "bold and brave" and they're neither of the two.

I'll always stand up for black community, I think they're great! They're not fake half the time, they're loyal when really good friends, they have a great sense of humor, they're prideful, they're wonderful to me. The media just paints them bad, makes them look bad which is why this started....hell to me at this point---because the pandemic isn't going to last as long as the gov. hope too---guess how they're controlling the masses now? Cause it has been stated the gov had made this to see how people would react to a pandemic....but because it's not going the way they want it too---guess what now? They start this crap because now they can share more they can push things more they want to see how far they can push people.

Way to fall for it. This is why you don't believe in the gov. cause they will hide many of things from you, and or the media whose legit evil and wants to control the masses even more and even do fake news because they want to scare, they want to anger the people. It's dumb, it's stupid, and I'm surprised ANYONE listens to them, then again only the SJW's and Feminists do.

But I stand for the black community, all communities, and even the gay community. I have no problems with them, personally I just hate an agenda pushed into my face. Especially since personally, I'm not against them, I treat them the same as I would anyone and I'd hate them if they do something stupid or irresponsible. Point being, I'm not racist, I'll hate everyone equally if they do something dumb lol. Doesn't matter who you are lol.

If anything I just find it stupid----that we're fighting over practically and white....that's what we're still arguing 2020 we're STILL having race problems when we're all human, we're still the same species.....literally this is no different to me then a 5 year old arguing over what colour is better, really there really is no difference between that, and the "teacher" is the media whose encouraging it...

But---that's just my initial feel on it, whether one agrees or not that's fine. We all have our opinions which make us human. To agree 100% well no such thing, no one has the same exact outlook, we're all individuals. At least even I can accept that.

It truly angers me and yet saddens me this is my generation that we grew up in a time no one cared. I truly wish I knew what happened seeing how it's like they could no longer cry to their parents about their issues, so instead they went online to complain in hopes they'd find someone who thinks on their level and then the snowflakes were born creating more of a society for our future children then what I could ever expect....

But this is a talk really for another time, or not at all. After all---my opinion is minuscule. It means nothing at the end of the day. I'm one person with a very small voice and I'm sure some would even disagree with me.
But there is a perk to this--that just means no one will want to fully target me or write about me because I'm such a small voice that I might as well be a whisper in the dark that can barely be heard at all. And I'm alright with that since that way I don't have to deal with butt hurt people who are so damn sensitive, more sensitive then my own skin and that's says a lot.


Though, still excited for so much to come.
And so much to do
Sure I will admit I do feel overwhelmed at times---especially with all that I have to do, but as said, I rather do something and have something to do for months and years then nothing at all.

It still blows my mind how I am now able to do this, and I hope others are somewhat excited too. I don't expect anyone else to be excited as I am, only because I am a small channel, I am still growing. And I guess I rather be small then be too large right now. That's a lot of pressure for one gal right now. With so much to do, and so much to give, but need the time to keep creating.

Though on a side note---funny story really

So my sister gave my niece another phone right? This should be like pff her 5-6th phone by now--I make a joke right? I say "You have so many PHONES! GiVe Me OnE!" And I did that out of a joke.
She stands there starring at me for about a second or so---she starts to shrug and says "Alright."
And I'm laying there on my bed like "Wot?!" "IT WAS A JOKE!" xD
So she comes back yeah? She gives me her 250$ samsung phone my grandfather gave her awhile ago; still in good condition, no scratches, she just never wanted to really use it I'm sure.

And I'm just like "Ha...aha...wut?!"
Cause I'm still a bit surprised.

I know my niece is nice to me, she really cares about me---maybe not my content at all--since she just likes to read what I say which is fine, but I do hope I can create something one day that she'd also like to watch since I like to entertain, and that even includes her. But if my posts of what I write in the community is what she likes---okay I guess?
I just joke around saying I'd block her from my youtube cause she doesn't watch anything. I really don't mind if she does or doesn't. Hell, 10% of my subscribers don't even really watch what I make regardless. Which always made me question, I get that you may like my personality perhaps, and that's fine---but I want you to sub cause you also like content.
Then again, I also have to remember---I don't make just one thing that EVERYONE is into---I make a variety of things---that even sometimes I don't watch what Markiplier does or even Jack uploads, or rather Sean. (i should really refer to him as Sean more, just seems more respectful) So, not everyone is into the same things---and because I have so many different kinds of content, I'm not attracting just one type of fan. Which is fine really, I want all kinds on my channel so they have something to look forward too and see how I can expand on ideas.

All and all, I'm just excited really for all that I can do, and I've been waiting a loong time that felt like an eternity to get there.
And I do hope I can make a lot of people happy with it, that I can make content that makes people or a good junk happy and entertained, especially in times like these.

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This one was long, but fairly easy seeing how I didn't have to remake anything, or anything. Just...

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Public post

New Variety For My Youtube Channel: New Schedule Ahead!

Now that I know I can use OBS to record my games, even if not the best of quality but good enough in my book---and hopefully others---
I added it to the schedule of what days and time of when you should look forward to it when I do.
Now what day(s) will I be recording.
Thing is I record on mostly Fridays or weekends when I play. Sometimes even on Thursdays.
But mostly on weekends is really when I play around.
Sometimes yes I play during the week, but lately it's just been around the weekends.
However, even when let's say I play on a Wed. or record it, know that I'll post it on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Fridays.
leaving more of a roundabout schedule so people have more to look forward too. So pretty much the early days of the week and Fridays.

Now this isn't a top priority; gaming is just a fun side thing.
Gaming is just fun. It's a side fun entertainment since some days I really want to play games---and sometimes something really funny will happen and then I feel bad cause it's like "Well, this is one can watch it no one can laugh with it."
And then it's like...well this is no fun.
It's normally fun when I know others will be able to see it, even if a small few. One is better than none in my book. 
But now that I can, whenever I'm in the mood to game---why not just make a video?
If anything I know some people would be like "Well why not stream so it's just---Go!"
Problem with me streaming is a lot of things actually or at least a good handful
-I don't always think before I say anything, not that I say words I shouldn't obviously, I don't even swear really---but I could come off as offending to some who don't understand my sense of humor and during that time it's not like I can cut it out either.
-I do have a lot of people living here, in which people don't need to hear what goes on in the background. I will say arguments do ensue like every other family, but at least in a video I can edit it, in a stream it's there I can't censor it and I can't delete that scene. People will hear things that really aren't anyone's business.
-As said anything can happen at any time, whether it be me being stupid or someone just interrupting because I do have as said, many people around here. So if anything happens it's live, and I'm not risking "cancel culture" because that's just the way my family is and it has nothing to do with me in general and I don't need my family heard either.
-As said anything can happen, and even including anxiety attacks sadly which I'm sure a streamer has dealt with time and time again and it's really no fun when you feel embarrassed knowing you have to stop the stream even when having fun cause now you're just anxious....there's no two ways about it, when anxiety hits sure you can try at times to ignore and continue with the game, but after awhile it's just hard....sure i can take my anxiety pills to calm me down, but that takes about 20 minutes. So to me streaming really isn't a thing I'd get into more then just editing a video with or without commentary.
So that's my stance on streaming. Yes you make a KILLING especially...*sighs* sadly me being a girl I'd probably get more unfairly. Then possible simps that I don't want. Well "possible" simps, if anything I don't think I'm that high caliber of "pretty" to where the other girls are to where they can make money off their pathetic simps.
Though kind of happy about that--I want to do things the legit way, not because guys are hoping to get with me or show off a part that will never be shown since I always cover myself up. [Shames me to know these girls legit use their "looks" just to get money from people but at the same time if men or even just anyone is stupid enough to send money to these idiots and thots that don't deserve it, then I can't feel bad either.]
But that's a discussion for perhaps another time, but now some will know my thoughts on thots lol.
But this highly excites me because for the longest time I wanted to actually record myself playing games---and now I could potentially record myself on "How to make" or just "How To Draw" since I've always wanted too even if I was a bit ....reluctant due to my own embarrassment.  But I have to get away from that embarrassment and I know I do seeing how my friends tell me the same. 
But I would love to make "How To" videos such as comics, and my own characters or even how I draw other characters and how I personally do it. Cause I know I don't do things the way others do. That some sketch it out first, and then colour it in, not me. I literally just go straight to making the character. I know some artists as well do that, that they just don't bother with the sketch they go on ahead and just make the character. And I'm one of those people lol.

So this slowly does open a new doorway to more possibilities and opportunities for my channel. Especially this coming month where I want to get a mic finally and a cam and do some stuff that I've been wanting to do but haven't been able too. And even finally finish one animation project that I have that I haven't officially finished because I was missing one key element. I would say what it is---but I don't like to spoil things like this.
Now, for the 3D modeling into this---the reason it's not on the schedule (if anyone was truly wondering)---it's because obviously it's not being posted and it's nothing for the public to see. Not yet anyway. If I were to post the models it would be on here for the Tier's only who pay to see my "patreon only" things. 
And I know I have a lot on my plate, but that's just the daily life of a youtuber.
Especially one that's still growing and hoping to reach her dreams. 
So a lot of new things are coming to the channel, a lot more then I expected, but when one door opens it seems like many others open with it and a lot is in store for one to play around with.
So expect a lot of different things to come in the future. Regardless of what I have to do. 
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Finished scene 13 as well, getting closer to the end, but not quite there yet. I still have about...

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I realize that the eye shine here is a bit wonkey. I'm not a professional by any means so sorry i...

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didn't have to do much of anything to scene 11 just fix it up by smoothing the lines and then col...

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Yup that's right, coloured in scene 10. Didn't take tooooo long, just long enough lol. But I am p...

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It's only a slight remake seeing how I had to place the frames in the right place and make sure i...

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