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Hey! I'm AnastasiaFreyia. I'm a speaker, author of a plant based recipe book, and have owned a vegan marketing company in the natural foods industry. I've been all over the world for raw foods - Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bali and more. Here to share with you how to succeed at a vegan diet. How to make it accessible. How to make it easy, and I'd love to share that information with you, because it IS a journey for a lot of people. As a speaker and food demonstrator, I will absolutely help you. ALSO - I've learned that, we all "live the lives we want to lead." I'm here to help you live the life you TRULY want to lead. It's about clean choices, finding athleticism in daily life, and healthy thoughts. I'll keep it interesting, and make it fun!I've been a vegan since 2004, done a 500 mile bicycle tour through the Adirondack Mountains as a 100% raw vegan, (with full watermelons on my bicycle trailer), fasted for 32 days on water alone in the mountains of Costa Rica, and ran the midnight sun marathon above the arctic circle in Norway along the Fjords.Let's connect! Check out my website and find me on social media! "AnastasiaFreyia" on Youtube, instagram, FB and twitter. See you soon!
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This is free instructional videos and access to my private FB group for advice and questions you have, and requests.

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