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Adventures in 3D Printing is a YouTube channel that explores 3D printing from the absolute beginner's perspective. With every video, I learn more about this fascinating hobby.
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Well, I've done it. I've not only set up a YouTube channel, but I've asked people to help support it.

This is not an easy thing to do. I worry if anyone will find the regular content valuable, and now I'm asking people to contribute, for extra content, which I hope is more valuable.

I have some ideas, and I certainly have the hardware & software to pull it off. Hopefully you find what you see here, entertaining, and valuable.

Subscription Tiers

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You are the Star! Everyone at this level, gets their name added to the end of every video, as a contributor. You will also get extra content showing how I design the pieces I make, and behind the scenes. (Which are anything but flattering.)

per month
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Associate Producer

You get everything a Star gets: Plus access to my Discord Server, where you can talk to me, and other Supporters, as well as suggest projects you would like to see me attempt. (Disclaimer: The projects I attempt will be at my sole discretion)

per month
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Everything the AP gets: Plus you get the ability to ask questions in voice chat (through Discord) during Live Streams. That means no more hoping I see your question in the text chat. You have a question, you ask it, and I do my best to answer it.

per month
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Executive Producer

Everything included for the Producer: Plus: If you have a project, and you need help figuring out how to design, or print it, send me what you have, and I'll take a look at it, and give you help on how to get what you want to print.



  • Welcome to Adventures in 3D Printing! Thank you for supporting the channel. Your support allows me to buy more suppolies, and create more content. In return, I offer you more access, more content, and a chance to help steer where the channel goes.

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The 1K AMA (Ask Me Anything) Live Stream will allow those who have access to the Discord server (Associate Producer and above), to ask me any questions they want. Those at Producer level, will even be able to ask their questions in Voice Chat, so everyone will hear them live on stream. Anyone will be able to watch the Live Stream, but all Stars will have two weeks notice of the event, so they can mark it on their calendars. Live Streams are most likely to happen on a weekend, so that they can go live at a time when Australia, Europe and North America can all view them simultaneously.
to reach
the goal
After the first $2500, I will assemble and test the MMU2S live on stream. You will get to see exactly how it is put together, and can ask me questions in chat as I assemble it. Notice of the event will go out to all my Stars, two weeks before it happens, so they will know about it, and have time to schedule around it, if they choose.


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