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A Walrus creates content focusing on philosophy, politics, art and more with the weekly show The Longhouse.
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This subscribestar is for the benefit of the A Walrus channel and The Longhouse, a weekly show I run alongside my co-host Luddic Path.

Members Exclusive Content
Members pledging 10$ or more will gain access to content that may be deemed to spicy for regular YouTube videos. I will also post any "behind the scenes" videos or things that never make it to the YouTube channel.
The Longhouse
At the time of writing this, we've published 10 episodes of roughly 3 hours of high quality content covering art, culture, philosophy, politics etc. All of course with a true right, Nordic perspective.

We obviously intend to keep going and have multiple types of shows planned in the upcoming months. However, with the growth of the project and the scope of some of the shows we have in the pipeline I've seen it fit to set up this Subscribestar in order to help pay for some of the "infrastructure" of the show.

When I say infrastructure I'm talking about costs such as a full Streamyards subscription, which would allow us to stream in higher quality and gain access to more features. I'm already paying 25$ every month for the current subscription, but I would like to up that to the 50$ 1080p version.

I'm also talking about building a fund for helping our panelists out with any money they might need to improve the show. Many of the people who have showed up on The Longhouse have spent their spare time and money preparing for the topic they present, and I think it is only fair to make this as easy as possible for them in the future.

An example of this could be paying for research material, upgrading audio equipment of staple members, offloading work such as thumbnail creation and branding etc.

Solo Projects
I also post solo project videos that cover some of my own thoughts or highlight certain thoughts of (mostly right-wing) philosophers and political theorists that I read. With the startup and community-building work of The Longhouse the speed at which I've been releasing these types of videos have slowed down. I understand that it can be frustrating to viewers who enjoyed the more meticulous videos to see less of them as the show has progressed. 

I am aware of these concerns and as the community of panelists and interested guests surrounding The Longhouse has continued to grow during these first 10 episodes, my required daily involvement has lowered. The Longhouse, as stated in the first episodes, has always been about building a community akin to Unpopular Opinions for the Nordic DR. As it continues to grow and as (hopefully) we are able to offload upkeep work through funding, I will be able to produce more solo projects.

The main point is, if you like what I do and want to see me do more of it, consider pitching in 5-15$ a month to expand my possibilities. If you'd rather spend that 10$ on a Netflix subscription I don't want you in my audience in the first place.

Subscription Tiers

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For enjoyers of the Longhouse who want to support the show

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For Longhouse appreciators who wish to show their support and gain access to subscriber-only content.

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A true connoisseur of The Longhouse that wish to support the channel and the panelists even more!

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  • Behind the scenes

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