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My name is Kyle Robinson and I am creating a community driven game studio. A studio that is funded by you. We want it to be this way, so we can do anything we want.We will be creating full 3d worlds and some retro style games.
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Welcome to our SubscribeStar. We are currently under review with SubscribeStar. So at this moment we are holding off with any money collecting. Until we have 100% approval from SubscribeStar. Once we are in give us a few weeks to post content befor contributing. Unless you absolutely want to we advise that you hold off until we show any proof of concepts and work. Reason we ask this is so that you see what we plan on doing befor you invest your money. We are looking for long term investors. Project by project investors are nice but we hope to encourage you to invest in us long term. Even if the game we are currently working on is not your cup of tea. You will get a free copy of the game no matter what as long as you see subbed. We will be doing free updates from time to time as well so lurkers like you can enjoy some content as well. We will have release parties after a 6 weeks of content has been posted. Usually it will be concept images or demos. At this time we can only post images and text we hope you understand

Subscription Tiers

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Get everything you receive by subscribing. As well as the ability to see finished assets a few hours before anyone else. With your help we can critique our design befor letting the public see it.

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Early Bird

Play the upcoming patch a few hours befor the public. This allows us to critique our final product a tad bit befor releasing the update. You also have access to the stuff above



  • Subscribe and get access to this page and it's contents,
  • A private discord to discuss projects in more personal detail
  • As well as get early access and the finished product.
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