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Michael Loucks
Michael Loucks
I write full-length novels that explore the social, psychological, spiritual, and philosophical issues encountered by young men and women as they grow up. The stories address serious topics and reflect real-life situations. No subject is too difficult to explore. 8,000,000 words and counting in three separate series.
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Bronze Patron

You get access to AWLL 'Early Release' chapters at least 60 days before they are posted to SOL. You also get access to the 'AWLL' channel on the Discord server.You also get access to the first book of 'Good Medicine'.

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Silver Patron

You get access to AWLL and GM digital books with images/maps/diagrams as they are published, including updates. You also get the same for 'Good Medicine' as it is published.

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Gold Patron

You get access to 'Good Medicine' and extra content for AWLL, including side stories, 'cutting room floor' items, alternate material, and more. You also get access to the 'Good Medicine' channel on the Discord server

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Platinum Patron

You get access to drafts of all my stories as they are written. You also get direct access to me via the 'insider chat' channel on Discord.

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You'll get true 'behind-the-scenes' access, and the ability to help shape the stories. You'll see, in effect, how the sausage is made via interactions with the author and editor, and you'll have direct input into characters, story arcs, and more.

If you wish, you can guide a character through one of the stories, with near complete-control over that character's behavior (within the bounds of plausibility in the story and the normal behavior of other characters).

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