Was experiencing a bit of a creative block after the online con last weekend. Which usually happens to me. I race and race to get stuff finished, stress about running games, run the games and play to all hours. After it's all said and done, I usually feel a bit burned out. So to kick start my work this week I went back to an old piece I did for Legendary Pants' book/kickstarter Ordinary Towns. I thought a makeover would be nice, considering my group will arrive there this week. 

“...Nyhst is now the seat of a Naga oracle. It was once a great civilization of Yuan-ti, the Keepers of the Serpent, worshipers of Merrshaulk. However, in the wave of goblinoids that destroyed most of southern Dravenholm during the first years of the war, The Keepers were also casualties. Displaced from their ancestral home by war they tried to return, but found it inhabited by the Naga and other peoples also displaced by the war. There were some skirmishes in the early days, but The Keepers had already lost so many of their tribe to the war. These new losses were too much to bear. They instead found Longsunder, the abandoned dwarven fort on the Longhorn delta, and built a new community--always with an eye towards Nyhst.”

  • Rhendarz the Reformed, former captain of the Red Hand, unofficial historian of The Keepers of the Serpent