Threw together this map for a presumed clash of my adventurers with an antagonist in Icewind Dale. It's a kennel/stable with an attached warehouse. Should work well for the quest "Cold-Hearted Killer". It's layered so you can overlay the loft and the roof on top of the building to create a more dynamic presentation to your group in Roll20. 

I am lukewarm on the final result. I wanted to make it look like the landscape was lit with the glow of the aurora that happens nightly from 12am - 7am, but I may have gone a bit overboard with the saturation. May tweak it a bit before I post it to Instagram. Also, the details inside the barn aren't all that finished, but I think it gets the point across. There are definitely some successes here though that I celebrate and am excited to bring to the next piece I end up doing.