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Hi and welcome! I write stories. Most are fanfiction. If you like entertaining anime-themed rom coms, you've come to the right place to support me! My main content is FREE to view on my account, AngeloGene. But if you still would like to support me here, then that would be very well appreciated. 👍
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Rookie Rank Tipper

This is enough for a day's worth of lunch money. 👍😁

I kid you not... A dollar (50 pesos) here in the Philippines is enough to buy me a cup of rice, any one other food that comes with rice (pork, chicken, beef, veggies, etc.), and a soda.

Here! Have early access to chapters of my stories! They'll be posted right here on SS.

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Bronze Rank Tipper

A week's worth of lunch money!

As thanks, you get access to lower tier incentives as well as my notes and references I used per chapter of my fanfics! Basically, I share stuff about how the chapter came into fruition.

Just browse through my posts here. 👍😁

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Silver Rank Tipper

Willing to give me two weeks worth of lunch money? Thanks!

Enjoy lower tier incentives as well as being able to monitor my draft for the next chapter I'm working on! I'll post it here and constantly edit it to completion.

That way, you get to monitor its progress! Maybe even correct my grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and maybe even suggest events that should take place in the story. We can talk about it in a group chat on Discord

Note that I may not always take the suggestion especially if the majority of the Ten dollar tippers think it would be a bad direction for the story to take.

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Gold Rank Tipper

This will cover my lunch money for the whole month! I'd appreciate it so much if you'd subscribe to this tier of mine!

You get all the lower tier incentives! And I'd love to write a single chapter fanfic for you! Just DM me and let's talk about it! Also, in case I get 2 or more story requests at time, I'll list down all the requests in a post. First tipper to avail first serve, of course! And yes, I will prioritize first ones to avail even if someone else donates higher.

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Platinum Rank Tipper

Okay, I'm not really sure if I deserve this amount from any one person, especially the last two tiers higher higher than this one. But I will be so grateful regardless if anyone is willing to support me by his much... This amount would pretty much guarantee my internet expenses without having to sacrifice my lunch money.

Aside from all the other lower tier incentives, I'm not sure what else to give. Maybe we could talk about in PM? Or let tippers decide what I could add as an incentive. Sorry... But thanks so much to anyone willing to donate this much.

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Legend Rank Tipper

Um... You might wanna think about this more carefully. This is a pretty big amount of money you're gonna pledge. I would be VERY grateful if you're still willing to support me this much but...

I don't know if there are any more incentives I could give. Once I figure something out, I'll be sure to give you something worth your donation. And I sure I hope I do soon. I feel like I'm guilt tripping myself at this point.

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King Tipper

This is my limit... Any tier higher and I'll pretty much feel bad, even if its just an "option" that anyone could choose not to pick.

This amount is the minimum wage here in the Philippines. A single tipper of this tier basically guarantees me a livelihood. I won't have to look for jobs and I could do this writing passion of mine full time.

I highly doubt my work is worth this much but... If anyone happens to actually subscribe to this amount, I'd humbly appreciate the donation more than I could actually put into words. Why wouldn't I? Someone would actually give me something to live off of.

All incentives previously mentioned are to be claimed by the subscriber of this amount. I just wish I had something more to give. I'd be more than happy to talk it out in PMs and see if there's anything I can do to for you.

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