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Yakov Merkin is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels, recovering academic, and aspiring Ninja Warrior.
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In addition to access to all update posts here, you will be able to see new Galaxy Ascendant concept art (as well as new art for future projects) before anyone else, as well as Q&As that I hope to hold on a bimonthly basis (with the hope to make it a monthly thing eventually).

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In addition to all that backers at the Starfighter and Frigate level receive, I will send you, upon your subscription, an ebook copy of one of my books of your choice. Additionally, you will receive early access to any short stories I write (excepting those written for third-party anthologies), and your name will be included in a special thank you of future books I publish while you remain subscribed.

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Yakov Merkin
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Welcome! My name is Yakov Merkin. Author, part-time historian, IDF soldier, and future Ninja Warrior (the obstacle course kind, not the assassin kind. Of course, that's what an assassin would tell you...) I am the author of the Galaxy Ascendant series, of which three books are currently available, and the Dragon King trilogy, of which the first book is out. I also have written and released a handful of short stories thus far.

So, why am I here on Subscribestar, and what do I hope to accomplish?

As you might guess, army salaries are nothing to write home about, and, as I am putting out my books on my own, I have to cover the costs of awesome cover art, great editing, and formatting myself. I have begun to use crowdfunding for this, but by its nature such campaigns are timed events, unlike something like Subscribestar. Additionally, I would like to be able to commission additional concept art for the Galaxy Ascendant series to share with my readers. For now, that is my goal here, to be able to raise funds to regularly commission new Galaxy Ascendant artwork, such as ship concept art--which subscribers will see before anyone else. Any extra funds raised here will go toward either advertising/marketing costs, or toward production of future books or other projects.

I currently have a couple of subscription tiers available for you to choose from, but this is still in development, so I am more than open to suggestions of different/additional rewards or tiers.

This'll be yet another new adventure for me, and only time will tell how it ranks on the scale of all the new adventures I've had over the last couple of years.

Thanks in advance for your support, and I look forward to seeing you in the Galaxy Ascendant!

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Hitting this goal will guarantee that I can continue regularly commissioning new concept art for the Galaxy Ascendant series (ships, faction emblems, and more!) Any extra will go toward helping me cover production costs for my books and other creative projects.

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