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Wizards Of Alamar
Role playing wizardry at its finest! This fast-paced action-packed game will have you unlocking a multitude of puzzles and fighting through the never ending onslaught of enemies as you search for the Lost Keys of Alamar.
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Wizards Of Alamar

Alright this is my first post.... sooooo... I am officially posting! I want to thank everyone for checking us out and hope you all decide to come along for the ride. If you are wondering about our game get a Free Demo it is a few levels of Wizards Of Alamar to try out.


And if you could help spread the word about our game and what we are trying to do here. that would be great!

Subscription Tiers

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Questing the Quests

Besides our eternial gratitude for helping us chase our dreams, you gain access to the full released version of Wizards of Alamar and all the games scheduled weekly updates.

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All Access

Access to all of our content. Not only access to the latest version of Wizards of Alamar but the opportunity to voice your feedback and help drive the direction of the game. That's right straight up, direct access to us, the creators. -View the videos we will posting in the near future. -Insight to the Tech end of things and much more. -Be automatically entered into any future prize give-away. (Yep we plan on making some t-shirts and mouse pads maybe even a couple cool posters for the game.)

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Creators Of Alamar

Not only will you get the benefits in the previous tiers, but when you commit to this level of patronage, your name will be added in the game credits as a producer.

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Boss of Bosses

First let me say, THANKS for even considering this level. This would not only help us out, but will inspire us to go even further. Every person willing to support us at this level will get to name a Boss in the game. Heck you can name a tree for all we care when you are at this level. So how about we agree, that when you show this level of commitment, we will let you name one thing that is currently un-named inside the game. Your name will also be added in the game credits as a "BOSS". Because frankly... you are a Boss.

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This is the OMG lets trade phone numbers and talk on our company Teamspeak whenever you want level. On top of all the other awesome stuff you get in the previous tiers you get what everyone is truly looking for... live access to us the creators in a round-table event. This will be held once a month live on our discord channel. Help drive the games narrative by joining in on the monthly planning meeting, and interact with the developers directly and voice your ideas.



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