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Wildlife Parks Africa
Wildlife Parks Africa
I create content for animal and wildlife lovers. My goal is to monitor the health of wildlife populations and parks in Africa and help support Wildlife Rangers & Parks officers help monitor, fund, protect, train future rangers, educate the public and save wild parks and wildlife.
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Wildlife Parks Africa
A purrrfect day and friendly welcome to all!
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Wildlife Parks Africa
An amazing day out with volunteers monitoring wildlife in a small nature reserve on the South Coast. Managed to remove about 30 snares yesterday which will save a lot of wildlife like Blue Duiker and the beautiful Bush Buck. We also got a visit from a few Zebra this morning.


  • You will be the first to see the latest sighting of African wildlife. Get to see and know some of the greatest parks in Africa and learn from an experienced Game Ranger about the most amazing wildlife in the world. You will also be able to help out small projects who directly help Rangers and help save the small wildlife that usually gets ignored by international NGO's.
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